4 reasons why a project plan will make your life easier

Filed by team twago on June 17, 2010

What do you do if you do not have a plan? You create one. Even small projects should be thought thorough and lined with milestones; otherwise, that molehill can easily turn into a mountain. This does not only have a negative influence on the project development, customer satisfaction may also suffer.

To help you out, here are a few reasons why a project plan will make your life easier.

A project plan can help:

1. Improve communication with clients

The most important part of successfully completing a project is communication with your client. By keeping in constant contact, you can better understand your client’s wishes and execute the task accordingly. And with milestones written into the project plan, the client can always give input  if the project is going in the wrong direction.

2. Increase the transparency of your own work

The client likely wants to be informed about every step, particularly with projects which the client has little to no knowledge of – for example, an engineer who needs a logo designed. This is where a project plan comes in handy. Milestones can be helpful in explaining the small processes of your work, and sometimes project delays can seem less dramatic when you already have a plan in place.

3. You become more organized

Particularly as a freelancer or self-employed person, you might have to handle several orders at the same time. If you do not consider the processing times for a project, you can easily underestimate them and end up missing a deadline at all. With a project plan, you will always know the amount of time needed for each task and how many projects you can handle at the same time.

4. Focus on the project goal

Details are important. You should, however, be careful not to lose yourself in them. With every step you plan, you should ask yourself if it is relevant to the end product. Every milestone should bring you closer to the finished product, not further away. By including every single task in the project plan, you can stay focused on the end goal – a successful project.

A project plan is not only important for communication with your clients and contributing to customer satisfaction, it is also valuable to keep yourself organized. If you are unsure as to what a project plan contains and how it should be designed, you can find many templates on the web or you can use a project management tool like Doolphy.

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  1. Jaret says:

    Very beneficial and informational blog!! Project planning is a process used to establish how to complete a project within a certain time period, under a certain budget and with a set of resources. To accomplish all these a project plan must be created. It will help you to plan the steps of your project and it will save you money while getting it done on time.So, according to me it is must to do project planning.


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