Ray: a designer from Obama’s Campaign to the Berlin Startup Scene

Filed by team twago on November 7, 2012

Ray is the new graphic designer of twago. He just arrived here in Berlin and this is the right day to know something about him…

Obama election Berlin

photo by Sarah Hoskins

Hi Ray, you can imagine the first question: how exactly are you involved with President Obama and the political elections in the United States?

In November 2006 I designed and printed a pro-Obama poster titled, “The Dreamwhen then Senator Obama was an unknown candidate for president. The poster became an underground phenomenon and inspired an artistic movement joined by artists Shepard Fairey, Ron English, Maya Hayuk, El Mac and many more.

How did you start as a graphic designer? Where did you study?

I’ve always been creative. I used it as a way to entertain myself as a child. After being kicked out of band in 8th grade I started to find my love for art making. I attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and studied printmaking and sculpture. I learned my design process through screen-printing and print design. Today, I strive to combine technology and a hand made-aesthetic as much as possible.

american designer of obama in berlin

photo by Mireya Acierto

Where are you exactly from?

I was born in Chicago at South-side Community Hospital. When I was 6 years old my family moved to Huntsville, Alabama where I grew-up and attend high-school. Oddly enough Huntsville is the home of Space Camp and where many German scientist defected to after WWII and developed solid rocket technology for NASA.

And now Berlin. Why did you choose to move to the German capital Berlin?

After the 2008 election I was contacted by a German writer, Rudolf von Waldenfels. He was writing a book about the US and the election of Barack Obama, “Der schwarze Messias. Barack Obama und die gefährliche Sehnsucht nach politischer Erlösung.” After having a few conversation he got me thinking differently about Germany. Since then I’ve been determined to come to Berlin to see it for myself. Four years later, here I am.


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