Recovery after the crisis – outsourcing platforms as solution for the lack of IT talents

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The economic growth after the worldwide financial crisis has cast its shady sides as well. Some of the open employment positions will remain vacant in the future due to a lack of qualified experts. A study from Munich Technical University holds that novel online outsourcing platforms for international qualified talents can be a solution for this problem.

Berlin, May 3rd, 2010. According to a study of the OECD, the economy in Germany and the world is picking up speed again. The expected growth of 2.8% in the 2nd quarter of 2010 will lead to an increase of new hires, as stated by the Federal Employment Office in Nuremberg, Germany. However, this is problematic for the IT industry sector, which already records a lack of qualified experts today. Due to the economic growth, this situation will be further aggravated.

In Germany, 7,000 IT experts are missing

The Institute of German Economy (IVW) reported in February 2010 that there were 40,000 vacant positions for IT experts. At the same time, only 33,000 unemployed were reported with analogous qualifications.

The problem of the lack of qualified experts is not restricted to Germany. The Indian Chamber of Commerce for the IT industry sector, Nasscom, predicted for 2010 that the competition for qualified employees will sharpen up worldwide. „Companies in the IT business will have problems to find suiting employees and to keep current employees in the future“, declares Srikantan Moorthy, head of the education and development department at Infosys Technologies. Infosys is currently one of the largest IT enterprises worldwide with 145.000 employees.

The so-called „War for Talent” is a problem in the U.S., too. According to a study of the American top personnel consultant Marc Effron, the search for apt employees is a „lost fight” for 72 % of all American businesses. Just 18 % recorded, that they can decide the struggle for qualified experts in their favour.

In addition to the lack of experts in the IT industry, access to freely available experts is rather difficult. Oftentimes graduates and experts are only accessible for a short period of time on the job market. They are being courted by the recruiting experts of competing companies or take up a self-employed occupation.

A solution for these problems are outsourcing platforms for experts and freelancers, like twago, German Projektwerk and My-Hammer. Especially small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) could use such outsourcing platforms to remain competitive. There they find national and also international experts for programming and design tasks as well as company services and they can easily and flexibly commission these experts.

According to a study from Munich Technical University, 27 % of all SMBs would likely use Outsourcing Platforms

Lots of freelancers, and self-employed respectively, already intensively use platforms nowadays in order to acquire new clients. As far as the SMBs are concerned, the willingness to utilize novel outsourcing platforms is considerably increasing. According to a study of the Munich Technical University, 27% of all SMBs will use outsourcing platforms within the next 12 months. For the study 214 managing directors of SMBs in all industry sectors were interviewed.

„Outsourcing platforms are a reliable and safe possibility for buyers to announce projects and to award them to qualified talents“, says Gunnar Berning, founder and CEO of twago. „On outsourcing platforms one can find an expert for almost every task – especially in the area of programming. As the largest online platform in Germany for connecting international service providers with buyers, we offer access to more than 10.000 experts from Germany and worldwide to our customers“, Berning continues to stress the advantages of such outsourcing platforms.

The fight for qualified IT experts does not seem hopeless. It is expected that companies must adjust their strategies in this respect in order to continuously assert themselves on the market.

About twago

twagois an Internet-based outsourcing platform with a multi language strategy created to provide high quality services worldwide. The range of services provided spans from (web) programming, graphic design, and translations to market research – assignments that can be carried out distantly. The concept is simple: European buyers post projects, worldwide service-providers bid on them, the buyer compares and makes a decision. twago supports the project through project management tools, detailed information on the providers’ project history and evaluation, and secure payment transaction.

twago is the largest provider in Germany with an option for customers to team work with highly qualified German service providers or alternatively to easily and effectively outsource projects to service providers in other countries. Service providers from 87 countries worldwide are currently using the platform to collaborate with private and business clients across Europe. Customers may flexibly access over 10,000 experts across the globe.

twago effectively uses its own concept: the company has successfully leveraged its own model and saved 60% through cooperation with worldwide outsourcing partners in Canada, Philippines, Russia, Romania, Switzerland, and Germany. Thus, saved money could be used to acquire new customers.

twago was founded in 2009. Since November 2009 twago is online not only in a German and English but also in an Italian version. twago is a trademark of Bejali Internet GmbH & Co. KG with its headquarters in Berlin (Germany).

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