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Filed by team twago on May 20, 2014

A modern online presence for your business means much more than just a nice gimmick. Your website  partly determines the image and the revenues of your business.   responsive_design

Almost everyone nowadays looks for products and services on the internet before purchasing. Landing on your website, a user decides in a matter of seconds if it is interesting-looking or not. In doing so, the user might not necessarily be sitting in front of a desktop PC, but rather uses more and more often a smartphone, tablet or laptop.  What a pity, if the client interrupts his visit because of the unsatisfying usability and legibility. The different end devices require therefore a website adjustment for different screen sizes. If you fear now, that this calls for a highly complex programming job: Don’t worry! Responsive Webdesign (RWD) kills all birds with one stone and actually provides some more benefits.

How the All-in-One-Solution for PC, laptop, smartphone and tablet works

The technology based on HTML5 and CSS allows to display right-sized on all  popular end devices. The flexible layout adapts automatically to the respective screen size. All elements and features stay supported. While not-optimized websites display in every situation the ‘bulky’ desktop version, responsive websites fit much better to the needs of mobile users. The user interface is simple to handle and texts are easier to gather. 

Save time, costs and nerves by maintaining your website

The effort for creating or recreating a responsive website strongly depends on its complexity. Nevertheless, this investment will payout in the  long-run, as you effectivly save resources. The reason: Each device reaches your hompage through the same URL. Therefore you administrate only one single website instead of an individual version for desktop, tablet and smartphones.  This means, new content such as texts, images and videos need to be implemented only once to be available on every kind of device. The same principle applies for technical monitoring and care, for instance performance of regular updates and backups. With a responsive website you are even prepared for future screen sizes.

Google recommends the optimization for mobile surfing devices

Plenty of surveys proove, that the utilization of smartphones and tablets continues to grow worldwide. In Germany there are at the moment roundabout 30 million smartphones at use – tendency upwards. 70% of users expect websites that they visit with a mobile device to be just as easily accessible as from their regular desktop computer. Website operators that fulfill the requirements of mobile users, benefit twice: At Google portable optimized websites are rewarded by a higher ranking in search engine results. 

Mobile First: Tipps for a crowning appearance

In terms of conceptual design and realisation of your website you should first and foremost keep your clients in mind. What could they search for at first? What kind of information and features expect they to find? How can I facilitate the contacting part? To make your responsive website a success, please consider the following advice:

  • Create your menu structure simple and clear.
  • Avoid loading time of photos, graphs and videos as best as you can.
  • Implement well-visualized contact possibilities
  • Pay attention to eventual online forms are displayed correctly on smartphones and tablets and can be filled out easily.
  • Make sure your site and all included content is displayed correctly in all popular (mobile) browsers and operating systems 

Limits of Responsive Webdesign

As tempting as the all-in-one solution might sound – responsive design ist not in any case the best solution, to please your mobile customer base. So verlockend das Angebot einer Komplettlösung klingen mag – Responsive Design ist nicht immer das Mittel der ersten Wahl, um die mobile Kundschaft zufrieden zu stellen. In many cases it is more useful to divide your website into a  desktop and a mobile version or app. A mobile website is particularly optimized for the use of smartphones. That is mainly reasonable to use, if your online presence is very extensive and requires a ‘light’ or completely different version with useful features (i.e. call button). According to Google, it is for bigger companies generating a lot of their revenues online advisable to invest in both, a responsive website and a mobile version. Some users prefer to view on their phone the familiar desktop version. This option should be always available for them. Thanks to responsive webdesign you can then guarantee, that the surfing can take place even then without frustation.

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