Round-up of the week: Facebook deals, Youtube overhaul, Google +1

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Round of the week – Facebook Deals, Google +1, Youtube Overhaul

Facebook deals

Facebook is revamping their foray into the daily deals market. In late last year Facebook launched their Facebook Deals service which like Groupon would send users an email that was updated daily with deals in their area. This updated version from Facebook is expected to tap into the unique ability that Facebook has to deliver daily deals to its users based on their preferences (as listed in their profiles), rather than send them broad unspecific daily deals emails. Will you be using this service? Read the story from the Guardian for more info.

Youtube overhaul

Think of Youtube only as a site to view videos of piano-playing cats and Justin Bieber songs? Think again! Google is busy renovating Youtube, reportedly to keep the site in competition with broadcast and Cable television by spending over $100 million to commission fresh and unique, yet low-cost arts, sports and drama content.  This new content aims to create a niche’ market for Youtube and generate a new base of loyal viewers. Want to know more about the future of Youtube? Then read more on the Wall Street Journal.

Google +1

Google is becoming more “social” every day. In the wake of Facebook’s navy-blue “Like” buttons, Google has introduced as an experiment the “+1” service.  The idea is for users to “like” the search results that appear when they use the Google search engine by placing a +1 next to the search result, to show their appreciation of certain sites and articles. However, opinion is divided on whether this new service will take-off or if Google is just simply copying Facebook. You can read about Rhodri Marsden’s strong views in this article from the Independent, but what do you think?

Smartphone Market

The forecast for the Smartphone market for the year 2015 may be a mystery to some, but the market analyst agency Gartner have predicted that the Android will reign supreme with an approximate 50% market share in 2015. In second place would be the Microsoft Window phone 7 whilst the iPhone would only enjoy a 17% share. However Gartner have been wrong before with their previous prediction that Symbian would control a 30% market share in 2014 – though they have now since fallen into obscurity. Are their predictions going to come true? Read more of Gartner’s staggering predictions on Mashable.

Dot com boom?

Dot com start-ups are still able to find investors and raise capital without comprisiming their control over the running of the company. Examples like Google, Groupon or more recently the social network Path show that the dot com boom of the 90’s is still possible without surrendering your start-up to the interests of investors. The outlook for the future is that due to a saturation in the start-up market, these companies will have to operate with a lower amount of capital than companies had to in the past, but should still be able to maintain control over their company. Read the New York Times article for the whole story.

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