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Filed by team twago on November 11, 2011

The Augsburg based company Codeprofis is one of the most successful service providers on twago. We talked to Tim Afholderbach, CEO of Codeprofis, about his path: from founder to responsible entrepreneur.

CodeProfisMr. Afholderbach, how did your company Codeprofis develop?

I founded Codeprofis in 2006. We have since specialised in professional App and Web development. One of our specialties is the development of Microsoft’s .NET. We have clients throughout Europe and the USA and are always trying to adapt to new technologies early on. This allows us as early adopters to assess the actual added value of new technologies and apply them as appropriate.

How did you gain your skills?

Each of our developers gained their skills in a different way. This includes professional training, university degrees, but also self-training and certifications. The most important is always experience in a field and that is best gained by working on real projects. Being guided by experienced developers and learning from them is the be-all and end-all. This also goes for other areas, of course.

What was your most interesting project so far?

Every project is interesting. Be it the development of browser extensions as an advertising medium, the development of a portal for a courier service, or software for the process optimisation in companies. It is always most interesting to delve into the procedures and processes of a company and share and trade experiences with clients. That way, both sides profit from the exchange.

What marks a good entrepreneur?

Foresight, the capacity for teamwork, realism, humour. You should be able to judge, which repercussions a project decision can or will have for the entire company. It is extremely important to be aware of your limitations and also have a private life. Entrepreneurs should allow themselves and their employees pause to breathe every now and then. A burnt out entrepreneur is not a good one. A company stands and falls with the performance of every single employee.

How many clients are requesting applications for smartphones and tablet computers? Is your company prepared for this kind of demand?

We are well prepared for the demands for Windows Phone 7 and Google Android. We are also equipped for cross-system development through web applications optimised for mobile devices. For iOS developments we work with partners.
What are your recommendations for service providers who are actively looking for projects?
Always be friendly and answer questions competently. You are not only developer but also consultant. Contribute your own experience.

It is extremely important not to overestimate yourself. Only bid on projects that you can realise within the offered time frame and budget. We have made the experience that there can be adverse circumstances that make a project more difficult than planned and drag it out. You should try to take all contingencies into consideration.

Very important: don’t undersell yourself. Be sure of your value before sending an offer and ask for it in your offers! Everyone wants to be able to live off his or her work. Underpricing helps neither you nor your clients. In our experience, they are usually willing to pay more for good quality.

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