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Filed by team twago on January 25, 2012

MP Solutions, a company from Freren, Germany, is one of the most successful providers on twago. Peter Ostmann, founder and CEO of MP Solutions lets us see how how his company works and how he acquires clients with the help of twago.

Mr. Ostmann, how was your company, MP Solutions created?

Since I was a young boy, computers and the ability to control them, have defined a great part of my life. At just 9 years old I had already started writing programs on my 286 and have never lost my passion for the field. I started my professional training in a marketing agency in Essen where I learned more about Online-Marketing. With one eye set on the practical use and a strong will to create something of my own, thereby bringing my own ideas on the market, I made the decision to found MP Solutions in the summer of 2009. 3 years later we are leaving the founding phase and have become a bit more reflective on our work, however we are even more passionate about our work than we were 3 years ago.

How did you go about gathering expertise in your field?

The members of our team (as probably most professionals in our line of work) all went about different ways to acquire their expertise. Through professional training, self-teaching, studies, seminars and of course through the experience you gather tackling all the different kinds of problems you encounter along the way. We make every effort to keep up with the times and evaluate precisely which are the technologies our clients need and how they can be accessed in the best way. We like to think of ourselves as a company which always has its finger on the pulse.

Which has been your most interesting project so far?

For me there isn’t really a favorite. I personally enjoy the projects in which new ideas are needed and processes need to be developed the most. Challenges are the most fun – but if we’re honest they can also be frustrating.  However at the end of the project you can be proud of the result, especially when you have played a part in the development of a new innovation.

How do you manage to have a family as well as being self-employed?

My wife is a shareholder in the company and is involved as a media designer. We’ve been a great team for years, we know how to deal with conflicts and are absolutely productive. As we both know the day to day life of each other we understand one another very well. There are seldom problems as our professions are our callings. Our family life still needs to wait for a while. But if we keep on growing in the same healthy way as we have done, we’ll soon have time for that too.

How do you protect yourself against the shortage of skilled labor in the IT sector?

We have our own trainee programs and we support the young generation in our community and see to it that they are encouraged actively to participate. In the coming months we are starting new seminars in which we want to educate parents on the benefits and dangers of the internet for their children. This is especially important considering how important the perception of this issue has for the future of IT companies.

How can companies profit from investing in social media?

Firstly they profit simply from the sheer incredible amount of people that will enter your reach. The past few years have shown that companies who have an active dialog with their clients attain a high level of brand loyalty. A professional facebook app or page can play a central role in this campaign. A much more intimate connection to the client can be established in this way than with radio, television or print media.

Which tips would you give providers who are actively looking for projects on twago?

The most important thing is to be professional. We contact clients in a formal style. If clients have any questions, then we respond politely, thoroughly and quickly. Regarding the price of our services, honesty is very important. We never hide the fact that work cannot be given away for free. Our experience has also shown that this honest approach is very much appreciated by the clients. Quality has its price and the better the calculation of that price is – for both the client as well as for the provider, the more trustworthy the offer will be perceived.

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