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Filed by team twago on October 14, 2011

Social media has changed the way we communicate at both private and professional levels. It offers companies and freelancers endless opportunities to make their work known in order to find new contacts and land work.

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The opportunities offered by social media vary significantly from platform to platform. But one thing is for sure: if you know how to manage the opportunities offered by social media effectively, success is guaranteed. The only thing you need to do is to play with your creativity, in order to create social media output that connects with your desired audience successfully. However, not only companies are taking care to cultivate their image on the internet, as the task of protecting and enhancing your image is becoming ever more important.

Nowadays, more and more companies are using the internet to find information about their own employees. That is the reason why controlling our privacy, the information we share and the sites we like (for example, using Google +1) on the internet is so important. However, taking control of how you are seen by others either through social media or on the internet as a whole has risen to an all new level.

Last week, a funny and original social media campaign by a man from Spain called Miguel Durã­o caught our eye. He produced a Youtube video in order to promote himself and enhance his reputation, and in this end he was entirely successful. The purpose of the video was to improve the man’s chances of finding work as a copywriter, but the most curious and eye-catching aspect of this video is that the young man doesn’t talk about himself but rather his Girlfriend in order to grab the attention of the viewer and draw them in. In just a few days, the video received thousands of visits and was shared by many more. This is just a small sample of what it’s possible to achieve thanks to a simple and low budget campaign.

[youtube Kb-UdRa0Vaw 580]

If you want more tips on how to spruce up your CV using video then check out this Mashable article, which covers all the fundamentals of a unique video CV including creativity, uniqueness and “shareability”

We want to take the opportunity to encourage all our readers to let their imagination run wild and to not be afraid of being different or being themselves!

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