The Benefits of a Business Website Using WordPress (and twago)

Filed by team twago on February 26, 2015
The Benefits of a Business Website Using WordPress

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5 reasons why you should use a freelance web expert for your business.

WordPress is definitely a great web platform for sites of every need and purpose – from basic blogs to online businesses (we use it here at twago). Yes – you can even build one yourself! But is a DIY site the best decision for your business and how much will it really cost you in the end? One of the perils of being self-employed is the belief that you can do everything. There are always bills to pay and if there is a chance to solve an urgent problem quickly and cheaply, more often than not that option wins.

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However, there are a few very important reasons for outsourcing your brand new WordPress site to a professional that will make you richer personally, professionally and of course financially!

1. Refining Your Purpose

Website design requires a number of questions to be answered to create a focused online presence that effectively represents your business. Having an informed set of fresh eyes asking core questions often helps you to remember how you got there and why, and subsequently helps you refine things. That process in turn reminds you why you do what you do and motivates you to do it better.

2. Because Time is Money

Whatever kind of business you are, there is some value that can be allocated to your time. It may be a flat hourly rate or it may be just your absence from where you are needed most. Either way you can be sure that the learning, trial and error and pace at which you build your first WordPress site will be well and truly more than that of a professional who will undoubtedly do it in less than half the time. If you costed it as a normal job you’d quote a client for, you’d probably be surprised to see that actually paying a professional would save you money because it’s a cheaper and much less stressful option!

3. Cultivating Pride is Important

One of the greatest mistakes small businesses make is producing something they know is not quite good enough, and then apologising for it every time it’s mentioned. Having a high quality site that answers questions for your market and gives them a great experience, can cultivate a real sense of pride amongst your team and inspire them to be better at the same time. A happy team usually means a more successful team and that of course is great for business.

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4. The Hidden Extras

Professionals do this stuff every single day. They know a lot of things about building a site that you know nothing about. They know how to do all the basics of WordPress with their eyes closed, but they also know all the technical stuff behind the basics. They have refined instincts about optimising content, they know how to choose the right layout and images, they know how to tweak things that you really need coding skills for and they know how to design your site to be a marketing tool, not just a nice place for people to look at stuff. A website is a marketing investment for your business after all and a good web designer will design it with this in mind.

5. The Strength is in the Detail

The key benefit in using a professional is in the final result. A web designer will always pay much more attention to the detail than you will. When he or she works on your site they aren’t distracted by the day to day of your business or theirs, because you ARE their business. You’re a paying client so making sure there are no mistakes and the job is perfect before launch, is essential. After all, their reputation depends on it.

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