The importance of a web marketing plan

Filed by team twago on August 14, 2014
Do you have a web marketing plan?

Do you need a web marketing plan? Let a twago expert help you out!

We all know that digital marketing is the future of communication. From IAB’s Marketing Surveys it’s pretty clear that online advertising in Europe has been growing a lot during 2013 and 2014, compared to offline advertising.

Companies nowadays need to always build a real online marketing strategy in order to reach their goals. That means having a deep knowledge of necessary tools and methodologies, in three words: a Web Marketing Plan.

Very often, when it comes to dealing with small enterprises, the first question is always – “Do you have a web marketing plan that highlights the company’s goals and strategies?” Most of the time, small companies don’t have a plan and they don’t consider it an important stage of the marketing process.

It is crucial to understand that having a Facebook page and a Twitter account is obviously not enough. Having a web marketing plan means outlining the company goals and finding the right tools to reach them.

Digital marketing refers not only to social networks, but also to areas where it’s necessary to invest some money: web analytics, tracking, pay per click, competitor analysis, seo, social media marketing, brand reputation, results monitoring, content marketing, etc.

How to start with your Web Marketing Plan

Is a web marketing plan so different from a traditional marketing plan? Well there are some differences… Your web marketing plan must be a living flexible document that is always changing and is always consistent with company values. Your plan must also strictly follow these main stages: analysis, strategy, operation and evaluation.

In conclusion, I want to point out that a web marketing plan is crucial for every company and you must find the right tools in order to reach your main goals.

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Pierluigi Pezzella studied Economics at La Sapienza University in Rome and has been working online since the very beginning. Co-founder of several startups, he has also been a Professor in Applied Economics at the Faculty of Engineering studies of Tor Vergata in Rome. Currently he is working as a Web Marketing advisor for Italian and international companies. He is a certified Google AdWords Qualified Professional and NLP Practitioner USA Licensed.

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