The Importance of Working from Home

Filed by team twago on October 12, 2011

We have recently discovered a really interesting infografic on Mashable discussing the importance of working from home, now and in the future.

grafic virtual work home office working hours

Virtual work will be more common in the future. Source: Mashable

WorkSimple has asked senior leaders and hiring managers of fortune 500 companies with at least 5000 employees what they think of working from home. The outcome: the home office is going to be more common in the future. Over 50 % of the people interviewed said, that virtual work will increase. On Mashable you can find all the answers in a nice and clear infografic, together with some suggestions on how this will affect the future of work.

It’s not only that working from home will be more common in the future, 56 % of people interviewed believe that employees who can work remotely are also more productive than their office counterparts, which could also affect the quality of work. Already 61 % of the people interviewed said they employ people who work remotely.

In the future companies should get used to letting their employees work more independently and be more flexible in working hours. There will be more videoconferences, and maybe meetings will take place in a restaurant during lunch or in a café with a nice cup of coffee rather than in the office meeting room. To see the whole grafic just click on the picture at the left.

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