The Mayans were right: The famous Pinterest dofollow links have already become nofollow!

Filed by team twago on January 24, 2012

UPDATE 13/02/12: It has come to our attention that the text link in Pinterest has once again become a follow link in some instances, however we have noticed that if you refresh the same image the link then becomes a no-follow link. Perhaps the Mayans weren’t right after all….the investigation continues…

The latest news for all those SEO fans out there;

Pinterest has been creating a buzz within SEO circles over the past few months due to its growth in membership (10+ million) and because of its apparent goldmine status for SEO. Even Seomoz guru Rand Fishkin, in his 2012 SEO predictions, foresaw a growth in interests for the social media platform and saw 2012 as being the year of the Pinterest.

 Pinterest´s links are dofollow! Aren´t they?

But what about the excitement in the SEO community for Pinterest?  Actually Fishkin didn´t lose his balance too much, he just said that Pinterest would be very successful and it would be the ideal tool “to share content and to find potential customers” on the web. However many SEO experts were also excited about the opportunity to acquire dofollow links from Pinterest. This was extraordinary as Pinterest represented the first global social network (in contrast to Twitter and Facebook) that allowed users to set dofollow links.

Search Engine Journal noted:

Each “Pin” links back to the page the image is shown on OR the actual file location using a do-follow link.

The enthusiasm from SEO fans was enormous and justified: Sharing pictures on Pinterest allowed you to set links on a high-quality social platform that will not be ignored by search engines. Many SEO blogs championed this fact but are now struggling to comprehend the latest turn of events:

Pinterest´s links have already become Nofollow.

Both the image link (the image you have pinned) and the link to the source of the image have now been set to nofollow links. Note this screenshot of the source code relating to an image pinned on Pinterest.

Nofollow Pinterest

When did things change? At least until last Friday, the second link to the source of the image was a dofollow link. Is it a temporary change? Was it something specific for the Beta version? Have only a select number of profiles been chosen to post only nofollow links? Will everything turn back to nofollow tomorrow morning? Who knows?

Dofollow or Nofollow: Pinterest still remains the future

That said, without taking into account the effect this change has had on linkbuilding; Pinterest is predicted to enjoy a very successful year ahead, thanks to the fact that it offers something new to the world of social media in a very easy to use way. And users of the platform should not despair. Yes, the immediate benefits of the platform for SEO have been thrown into doubt, but the virility of pictures pinned on Pinterest means that potential benefits for social SEO (or rather inbound marketing efforts carried out via social media platforms) can be realized.

Conclusions: What is the connection between the Mayan people and all this?

The Mayans and their prediction of the end of the world in 2012 seem to pop up in most topics these days. Firstly, they foresaw Pinterest. Secondly, the Mayan people predicted that the dofollow links of Pinterest would become nofollow by the month of January. Thirdly, they predicted that Pinterest would soon be bought by a large web company of the IT world….the first rumours of which have appeared on Techrunch. Dear Mayans, you may have been right all along 🙂

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