Top 10 music tracks for your SEO work

Filed by team twago on September 14, 2012

So, we optimize the Web. And we listen to music while doing it. At least, that’s what I do. And what my friends do. What I realized is that, one playlist after another, I have some great tracks for the most important steps in SEO processes.

1. Keyword research
The web is huge. And you’re so small. A little explorer lost in the connected nets. Which is your word? Which are the keywords you hope to be loved by the spiders?
Music for searching, thinking, analyzing: Radiohead – All I Need

2. On-page optimizing
Got the keyword, now the on-page work. Do it at your best, start the challenge. This is music for creating good stuff to work with the search engines. Start the ride: Ennio Morricone – For a few dollars more

3. Search contacts for guest posts
You are hunting cool websites and want to find the right blog to write for – music not for choosing a link farm but some valuable stuff. Find your new friends: The Doors – Hello, I love you

4. Writing new content or guest posts
Come on. Now you have to be cool. Cool people get more links. Enter the mood, feel the poetry, get inspired: Bruce Springsteen – Burn to run

5. Measuring and tracking. Filling Excel spreadsheets.
Oh, you did your job. Save it, control it. Look at it, well ordered on Excel. Isn’t it beautiful? Music for being proud to do stuff which didn’t exist 20 years ago. Enjoy: Miles Davis – Kind of blue

6. Check the webmaster tools
Did THEY write to me? What’s going on? Went from 3 to 5 in Serp? Got 700 links from a porn site? Aaaargh. Are you afraid? You should be. Enjoy your fear. With no fear, there is no courage. Listen to: John Carpenter – 1997 Escape from New York – Main Theme

7. Got penalized
Whaaaaat? It cannot be! Yes, it can. It happens. Now, don’t lose control. Just start again. Music for feeling sad before you get angry enough to start fighting again: Tool – Schism

8. Start again
Because SEO is SEO. That’s it: Ramones – Surfin’ Bird

9. Did not get penalized
Got good links for your good content. Wrote a tweet to SEOmoz and got an answer. Serp? Perfect. Retweets? A lot. See the sunrise all day long! Lou Reed Perfect day

10. All your SEO experience
Creating and trying. Failing and winning. Hope and desperation. Black spiders and white hat elves. An Eye that sees everything…
The SEO working experience is: The Lord of the Rings – Complete Soundtrack

Hey, come on Lorenzo! Your music is so bad! How can you be so good at SEO?

Actually, I’m more of a web content editor. In any case, I wrote this list because I want to hear what YOUR top tracks are for your SEO work. Are you a good with SEO? Send us your playlist! Or suggest some cool changes for mine. I need an advice for the future…

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