Top Service Provider of the Month: CREOX

Filed by team twago on September 23, 2011

CREOX is a agency for web and graphic design as well as web development for websites and online communities.

CREOX – this month’s top provider

The agency from Praque, Czech Republic, is our Top provider of the month. We’ve talked to CREOX found Petra Klimentová about her success.

1. Why don’t you introduce yourself shortly: who are you and what is your position?

My name is Petra Klimentová, I am 26 years old and in 2009, I founded the company Creox Development Services in Prague (Czech Republic). The motivation to found Creox Development Services here in the Czech Republic was based on long and interesting preliminary talks with a business partner, who has experience on the international market (Switzerland, Germany, Czech Republic, Spain) and has already worked with customers from these countries. The idea  was to use the economically interesting location Czech Republic in order to offer clients in Europe professional service for an internationally very interesting price. Here, one of our biggest advantages is our multilingualism (Czech, Russian, German, English, Spanish) and the excellent qualifications of our programmers and designers in combination with our friendly customer service. My educational background is a degree in international economy and relations, as well as a qualification in graphic design, which I am currently pursuing next to my work as Business Development Manager at Creox.

2. What is Creox and which services do you offer?

Creox Development Services offers national and international clients a wide range of services. They range from graphic design over web design, to complex web developments of individual websites and portals. Currently, Creox is located in Prague, Czech Republic. Due to the growth of our company, we are thinking about relocating to a base somewhat outside of the city. Our team consists of 30 full time employees and freelancers, depending on the project volume. All employees and freelancers are qualified and have years of experience, so that we can guarantee our high quality standards and constantly deliver high quality results. Our client base is national as well as international, from the UK, over Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, to Spain and Italy. We have regular customers and also clients that we support through maintenance contracts even after the project is concluded. Currently we have a project volume (web only) of about 15 to 25 projects per month. Since we registered Creox on twago, this tendency is rising, which we are very happy about.

3. How did you gain your skills? Where did you learn the things that you need as a service provider?

I was able to gain a lot of experience during my studies, training, and work with international clients. What I might miss in experience, my co-workers and business partners make up for. You learn something new with every project. I think you never finish learning in the business world and I am grateful for every new experience.

4. What was your most interesting project so far?

That’s a difficult question. Generally, all new projects are interesting, because you take on a new “adventure” every time. I wouldn’t want to pick a specific project. It can be said though, that the more complex the job, the more interesting it gets.

5. Which advice would you give service providers on twago? What is your personal tip for maximum success?

Provide your clients with the service you yourself would expect. Nothing is worse for a client than to feel neglected during a project.

6. What can twago improve so that your life as service provider becomes easier?

Something I would like to see is the option of milestone payments via safePay. Particularly for large projects it would be nice to receive a payment after the conclusion of a milestone.

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