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twago 2015 Year-End Freelancer Report reveals:
Madrid is the new Freelance Capital of Europe

• Madrid, Berlin and Barcelona are home to the most freelancers in Europe
• International clients primarily choose native speaking freelancers
• WordPress and CSS skills are gaining in importance

Berlin, March 30, 2016.  twago, Europe’s leading freelance marketplace publishes 2015 figures for the most desired skills of IT professionals as well as the freelance capitals. The new European Freelance Capital for 2015 was Madrid, followed by Berlin and Barcelona. The top 15 freelancer skills were dominated once again by the web languages PHP, JAVA and CSS, but also graphic design skills (using Adobe software) were in high demand. In the area of e-commerce, expert knowledge of the web-shop system Magento, was high on the wish list of online store owners. It is also noted that German clients (project providers) primarily recruit freelancers from Germany, Austria and the United Kingdom.

Madrid overtakes Berlin as the Freelance Capital in 2015, Barcelona in third place

Madrid is Europe’s new freelance capital in 2015 and pushes down Berlin to second place, followed by Barcelona. Alongside Germany and Spain which are represented both by its four biggest cities, Italy is most represented in the top 15: Rome ranks 4, Milan 5 and Turin 12. The French capital Paris positioned itself on place 8.
Besides Europe, Latin America gains in importance in 2015: Venezuela’s capital Caracas (11th place) and Colombia’s capital Bogotá (15th place) managed to enter the top 15. In comparison to 2014, Caracas is the highest climber in the global chart. The metropolis climbed 13 places from 24 to 11, closely followed by the fifth biggest city in India, Ahmedabad, which also improved 13 places from 25 to 12. There were no significant losses in the top 15, only Valencia and Bogotá decline by two rank positions. Looking at 2014, there was hardly any movement in the top 10 of the cities where most freelancers reside.

Top 15 freelancer cities in Europe in 2015

(2014 results in parenthesis)

1. Madrid (1)
2. Berlin (2)
3. Barcelona (3)
4. Rome (4)
5. Milan (5)
6. Hamburg (7)
7. Munich (6)
8. Paris (9)
9. Cologne (10)
10. Valencia (8)
11. Caracas (24)
12. Turin (12)
13. Ahmedabad (25)
14. Seville (14)
15. Bogotá (13)

Web skills had the highest demand in 2015

The most popular freelance skill for 2015 was PHP, followed by Java, CSS, JavaScript and MySQL. The top 15 is largely dominated by web technologies, but also Graphic Design (10th place), Adobe Photoshop (12th place) and Adobe Illustrator (13th place). Compared to 2014, skills in the area of WordPress and CSS have seen a strong increase in demand. WordPress jumped four places from 13 to 9 and CSS has now positioned itself in the top 3. PHP remains in the top spot, whereas skills in HTML (2nd place in 2014) are in a slight decline and take 6th place overall for the year. In the area of e-commerce, Magento had the highest demand.

Top 15 Freelancer skills 2015

(2014 results in parenthesis)

1. PHP (1)
2. Java (3)
3. CSS (6)
4. JavaScript (4)
5. MySQL (5)
6. HTML (2)
7. iPhone (7)
8. Cocoa (8)
9. WordPress (13)
10. Graphic Design (9)
11. Ruby on Rails (11)
12. Adobe Photoshop (10)
13. Adobe Illustrator (12)
14. C# (14)
15. Magento (15)

Germans primarily recruit German freelancers for their projects

Something else of interest in 2015, is that most international companies prefer to hire local freelancers rather than those from abroad. In Germany for example, most companies prefer working with freelancers located in either Germany or Austria. Other popular countries for freelancer recruitment are the UK, Poland and the Czech Republic. In general, European cities are the most popular amongst German companies; 13 out of 15 cities are European in the ranking, if Turkey is included.

Where German companies hire freelancers from in 2015

(2014 results in parenthesis)
1. Germany (1)
2. Austria (2)
3. United Kingdom (4)
4. Poland (6)
5. Czech Republic (3)
6. India (5)
7. Switzerland (8)
8. Spain (9)
9. Italy (12)
10. Turkey (21)
11. Bolivia (22)
12. Ukraine (11)
13. Bulgaria (13)
14. Croatia (26)
15. Denmark (19)

Outlook and trends for 2016

Thomas Jajeh, founder and CEO of twago, looks to the future: “More and more small and medium enterprises (SME´s) as well as big companies use platforms like twago to find freelancers. Hence, we expect a further growth in the area of company software. Java and .NET as well as mobile technologies will gain in significance. Furthermore, typical corporate services such as translations, PowerPoint slides or Excel-macro will probably rank higher in 2016.”


About the twago Freelancer Report

Since 2009, twago has been analyzing projects posted on their freelance marketplace platform and has been publishing these results at In the investigation, IT and Web skills required by the buying customer are analyzed, as well as programming skills related to content management and shop system management. Another focus is on the study of the European cities where freelancers reside.


About twago

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