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Filed by team twago on November 15, 2013
Hermann Hohenberger

Hermann Hohenberger, managing director of twago – Team2Venture GmbH

Critics provide valuable feedback and we are glad to receive every comment and criticism – not only in regards to twago. Behind each opinion stands an individual, that we – like ourselves – see, respect and appreciate. The internet offers excellent worldwide possibilities to leave feedback, evaluations and notes. We appreciate this and read through it attentively. A lot of critical advice influences our everyday work, but we do not have influence on every issue.  Jimmy Spithill, Skipper and winner of the America’s Cup 2013 says:

“You have to take criticisms and select the most important points, since not everything being said is true. The biggest challenge is filtering out the relevant information. (Quote: The Red Bulletin, November 2013)”

Sometimes we are criticised for situations that are out of our hands. Contractors occasionally have an issue with the budget level’s proposed by some clients for projects. We have found from in-depth conversations with these clients that the reason for this is caution. They have a variety of questions … Who will read this project? Who will seriously submit a quote? Do I actually know what I want? Will I receive the work and quality that I paid for? Will freelancers find my project interesting? Can I trust this freelancer, as I don’t know them yet? These are just some of the reasons why clients can be cautious about opening up and revealing their actual budget right away – a perfectly normal and typical human behaviour.

On the other hand, some of those who post a project simply do not know how much work  it will require.  We speak from our own experience, as we use twago intensely to post design, programming and translation projects. By now we have indicators helping us to define the budget. However, sometimes we simply cannot estimate at that point, or we have precisely limited capital. But is it not still worth seeing if someone is able to help us?

twago - everything starts with a try

twago – everything starts with a try

Occasionally, freelancers and agencies perceive the initial budget proposal as provocation. They see their work, their skills and their expertise being put into question. They confuse the complications a client has with their project as an issue within the platform. Sometimes, harsh words are used in discussions on the internet. But every expression of opinion is crucial – for the one spreading it, because it helps to discard emotions and bring clarity in his world – for us, because this opinion helps us to improve the platform.

We want – like every marketplace – to widen the possibilities of each individual by concentrating supply and demand. This ancient and highly successful principle rises through the internet exponentially. That’s our thing! It brings movement, contacts, projects, reach, business … most importantly, the best outcome of this increased communication is reaching goals together to achieve something great!

We therefore recommend to freelancers  and agencies to see not only the project specifications, but the client standing behind it. Many twago users have established continuous earnings by winning long-term clients with their first project.

We also advise against giving a direct “budget too low” feedback to those clients proceeding cautiously. This is frustrating for the client. It makes them feel like they are standing in front of a club with the bouncer saying “you’re not coming in here”.

Finally, we advise all those posting a project to choose realistic budgets that value the work of freelancers. Good work costs good money!

Many thanks!

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