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Filed by team twago on February 11, 2014

“Feedback is the breakfast of champions” (Rick Tate, internationally recognized expert on leadership and management development, performance management). Well, that is easily said. As you have probably noticed, twago and their competitors (i.e., oDesk, Elance) receive a lot of feedback, positive as well as negative. Some points mentioned by users are irritating us, some we take very seriously, some we can improve, some just need to be rigorously blocked out.

However, we have taken a snap-shot of user opinions on twago, given on


user feedback about twago twago on jan 28, 2014

We have discovered, that twago reached an average (tendency growing) score in terms of users’ evaluation. Our competitor Odesk reaches 5.3 points, Elance 4.3. Though we do not see this as overly satisfying, we noticed that marketplaces connecting supply and demand trigger friction and feedback.
Price and performance are being compared and discussed, competition comes into play and actual and perceived issues appear on the surface. This is completely natural and one possible cause for success and/or critics  which has already been reconsidered in this blog.

Recently one user shared with us the following feedback:
“Good idea, good marketplace, poor usability of the platform. To keep an overview is simply exhausting. The menu and conceptual design of the website are just too intricate.
Thank you for that hint. “

Such feedback from a freelancer fuels us. Usability is the next big thing we will put focus on. So far we have worked hard to improve the accessibility to twago regionally, nationally and internationally. We believe in the importance of native language within communication, especially when it comes to the realization of projects. However, we also envision to offer access to projects and freelancers worldwide on behalf of everyone.

Marketplaces have always brought more transparency to the industry and probably thereby lead to its development (think of the book fair of Leipzig and the world exhibitions). twago is just one small cog in this complex machinery. But one with drive. This is why all feedback is an appreciated push forward for us. Many thanks for that.

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