The Importance of the twago Score

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What is the twago score?

The twago score is a great way for contractors to improve their reputation on twago. On a scale from 0-10 (ten being the best), the twago score is created from the combination and interaction of many different variables grouped into three main categories – Profile, Reputation and Activity.  The twago score works in an way, where each variable influences the other; that’s why the twago score constantly changes depending on the quality of your activity on the platform. The twago score gives clients a way to quickly gauge a contractor’s work before looking more in-depth at a contractor’s profile, qualifications and samples of past work.


Why is it important to freelancers?

Every relationship is underpinned by trust and the relation between freelancers and clients in twago doesn’t differ from that, each part must put a lot of effort on build this partnership up. In the scenario of the freelancer, he’s responsible for optimising his profile as much as he can, remember that a high twago score is your best quality certificate furthermore its the quickest and most direct way of making the client aware that if they select you everything would run smoothly and with no hassle. Moreover freelancers with higher twago score will rank higher in our website which means that the freelancers with the best twago score will pop up first into the eyes of the clients. In the end, everything comes down to an easy conclusion; the higher your twago score is, the bigger your chances of finding a good project are.

Why is it important to the clients?

The biggest concern of every client is uncertainty; uncertainty to an improper processing during the project, to communication issues with the provider or just a mere mistrust between both parts. ¿Who has never distrusted or doubted at some point of a deficient profile or a low rated profile? Thus is that important the twago score for clients since simplify and cut down the freelancer searching process furthermore provide them the trust that an uncompleted profile doesn’t.

How can I improve my twago score? 7 tips to do it

  1. Use a profesional photo, but do never forget your personal touch.
  2. Never use an alias, always use your real name. People want to engage with a real person and feel confident in who they are paying to take care of their project.
  3. Never stop adding skills to your catalogue, it makes your twago score improve and shows full commitment to the platform.
  4. Add visual work to your profile, be as creative as you can, you must do your profile stand out from the rest.
  5. Acquire evaluations and recommendations, there is nothing like seeing someone from an impartial perspective saying good things about you.
  6. Add to your porfolio just your best work, we all have work that higlight from the rest.
  7. See your profile as a line, never as a circle, as it happens with life you must keep updating your profile as time goes by. Never is finished.
Here you have the twago profile from Magicframe Consulting, without a doubt, a perfect example of how a twago profile should look likescreenshot

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