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Clients are often spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a service provider. There are several good reasons for looking more closely and requesting offers from not just one – but

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How to pick the right offer?

several potential service providers. Looking closely at many offers can provide a good overview regarding costs. You can also see which service provider considered the project more intently before writing an offer. You can also see which providers aim for a good collaboration even before receiving the project and which service providers are reliable. This diversity, however, does make the decision of which provider to choose more difficult. The question is: How do I decide which offer to accept? This article lists a few tell-tale signs that signal to you which service providers you should avoid cooperating with.

“I can do the job.” A classic. The offer consists of only 5 words and do not signal a authentic desire to work on your job specifically. A sentence like this is not an offer and you can almost be certain that the service provider has not yet wasted a thought on your project. A statement that is more suitable for the communication before submitting an offer would be: “I would like to work on the project but I would need some more information in order to compose an adequate offer.”  A statement such as this shows that the service provider is genuinely interested and wants to send you a comprehensive offer. Barely any service provider composes a good offer without having first discussed the project with the client in advance in order to be able to cater to the client’s wishes.

Furthermore, the cost-benefit-ratio should be considered. The offer should list in detail the projected price for each specific service provided. A good service provider won’t be cheap, but you shouldn’t fall victim to exorbitant prices. The more offers you receive, the better you can judge which offered price is reasonable. It is therefore recommendable to inform yourself in advance of which costs you can expect for your project. This way you won’t have to rely on the offers as the only point of reference, which could also reflect negatively on you as client. Service providers usually invest a lot of time in composing their offers and do not appreciate being used as a cost overview tool.

Finally, you should not disregard your intuition when it comes to choosing a provider. After all, you will have to work with the service provider of your choice for the entire duration of the project. A good working relationship also depends on personal characteristics. The best service provider with the most high quality references cannot be the right one if you have the feeling that you will have differences throughout the partnership.

The decision on which service provider to hire therefore depends on several factors. However, even if you choose to opt for a certain provider, make sure to notify the providers that you didn’t choose and explain your decision (with the exception perhaps of those offers that consist of 5 words). It is a polite gesture and keeps your options open for potential future projects. Every service provider puts effort into the offers he or she sends and would surely appreciate a hint as to why it wasn’t successful. When declining an offer, you should try to be honest without being rude.

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