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Maria Muneeb

is a freelance software developer from Ajman in the United Arab Emirates. She has developed many desktop based software in C#, Java and Open-CV. She also has developed many websites in ASO.NET, WordPress, PHP and Prestashop as well as mobile applications in Android.

The first question which arise in one’s mind is what programming language to choose? Programming languages are defined sets of instructions or rules which are used to control machine actions and modes of communication within systems.

What to consider when choosing a programming language

There are many programming languages, so for a developer it’s a tough task to make a choice. Certain factors should be considered when making decisions about certain languages.

Platform to be targeted

For each operating system (windows, linux, android, iOS and more) there are different programming languages.

Platform matches language

The second step after choosing a platform is to select a language for that platform.

  1. For desktop-based applications you can choose c#, python, perl, java, c++, c, shell, objective C and others.
  2. Web based applications: If you are planning on building websites then you can chose asp.net, word-press, magento, ruby on rails, prestashop, PHP and others. Javascript is the most popular and a dynamic choice for the creation of websites.
  3. Web design: One of most important things is to create an eye-catching website and for that purpose CSS (Cascading style sheet) plays a vital role. It brings your website to life.
  4. Mobile applications: There are many different platforms for mobile application, so choose wisely!

Tool supportive languages

Tool supportive languages are tool-oriented, which means choosing a tool that is user-friendly, allowing you to edit, control, modify and work on different elements.


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