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The logo design process

Preparing a strong concept and theme for your Logo Design

At the beginning of the logo design process it is necessary to provide your designer with ample information. When you are looking to hire a professional logo designer, this is an essential starting point.

Typically, a good briefing should include the following information:

  • Company profile: A summary of your business along with a brief history (including company name, service, focus of these services, size and structure of the company, price range of the products / services, future company developments)
  • Market position: A realistic evaluation of your company in relation to competitors
  • Communication text: The context of the information to be shown, any slogans to be used in the logo should be clearly stated. This can also include any additions for legal reasons
  • Target market: Demographics - age, gender, income, employment, geography, lifestyle of those you want to reach
  • Intended usage: Will the logo mainly appear on your website, on which products / vehicles etc. will it be used
  • Special requirements and inspiration: Some colour you want to use in your logo or current samples – ideally examples of other styles / logos you like and why, as well as examples you do not like at all and why
  • Additional research: Do you expect the designer to research necessary information about the industry, competitor logos to make sure yours will differentiate
  • Planned budget range: what are you willing to spend and what level of quality do you expect in return? Logo design can range from as low as 50 Euro to 1000 Euro, depending on the work to be performed – from pure implementation of your clear idea in a design program to highly creative artwork and a large number of drafts for your revision.
  • Schedule: how tight is your timeline? Are there any critical milestones in between? A typical logo design process takes 5 days to two weeks. Or do you want it to be designed in less than 24 hours at the cost of much less research and less revisions?
  • Scope: do you need a logo only or a logo plus stationary like business card, letter head and so on? What is the minimum number of drafts you expect for revision? What design / material etc. is already available and will be provided by you?

How to find the perfect Logo Design expert

Through twago you will find hundreds of the best and verified experts in Logo Design. Simply register onto our platform, upload the criteria and specifics of your Logo Design project, and wait for offers of aid and assistance from qualified and eager freelance Logo Design experts. Save money with our qualified and verified Logo Design freelancers.

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Logo design: The best designer for your needs

A logo for your company is a one-time investment that should successfully represent and support your business for many years to come. Before hiring the first available designer take the time to compare several proposals and profiles of designers or design companies.

  • Make sure you evaluate all proposals thoroughly before awarding the designer to avoid later disappointments. This checklist can help you with your selection.
  • Quality of the proposal letter – how good and convincing does the designer’s offer look like? How do they present themselves? Do they respond quickly? Do they communicate in a professional way?
  • Experience and skills – how many years of experience do the designers have? Do they have a proven track record? Any awards or publications or affiliations that show how recognized they are in the industry?
  • Portfolio and references – how strong is their portfolio? Do they have a huge number of average designs or a selection of really excellent ones? How relevant is the designer’s portfolio for your purpose and case (e.g. B2B or consumer references)?
  • Testimonials and feedback of previous clients – how satisfied were others before you with his or her work?
  • Terms & conditions – do the offered terms meet your expectations and time & budget requirements? Is the timeframe realistic for the work you expect? Is the price fair for the work you expect in return? The cost of the service usually reflects what you will receive - meaning that you “get what you pay for”.

Logo design draft process

  • Based on the design brief and research conducted, the designer starts his draft on paper
  • Brainstorming and sketching ideas helps the designer to generate many possible directions. Most of them will eventually remain unused, but it is important to think laterally and not rule anything out in order to achieve the most effective logo design
  • After drafting the logo on paper the designer will then experiment with the concept on the computer for example in Adobe Illustrator.
  • After some more fine tuning the designer is ready to present the agreed number of logo drafts to you. Now it is on you to evaluate the drafts and provide valuable feedback to the designer
  • If you are not sure about which draft to pursue with, get feedback from your target group before making a decision based on your personal preferences only

Logo Design: Key design principles

  • Keep it simple: Simplicity makes a logo design easily recognizable, versatile and memorable. Think of the many successful images like Nike, McDonalds, Pepsi, Coca-Cola and remember that “less is more”. A good selection of simple and timeless logos is available on this link: Wondefully simple Logo designs
  • Use less than 3 colours: Your logo should be understood in both multi-colour and single-colour (black and white) versions. Three-fourths of the most successful logos use one or two colours at most.
  • Reproducible and scalable: Your logo should be devised for all media and look equally good in all sizes.
  • Trademark: Trademarks help to prevent competitors and other third parties from stealing your logo.

Logo Design: Factors to avoid

  • Clumsy design: A professional business should be represented by a professional logo. Let experts do the design
  • Strange colour combination: Try to match the colours to your target audience. An bad colour selection will make your logo ineffective.
  • Standard design: You should let your designer create an original and unique identity for you. Do not use clipart or stock photography. For a consistent branding and differentiation make sure you do not copy an existing logo (Examples: historical company logos of PEPSI and Coca Cola)
  • Too vague: Design your logo with a purpose. Every logo should convey a message to the viewer
  • Too complicated: Keep it simple and your logo will be memorable. Besides, it will be better compatible for all mediums and black and white prints
  • Typography issues: Improper spacing and unimaginative or very thin fonts should be avoided. Work with one or maximum of two font-styles

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