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Build better Android apps

There really isn't a hotter trend in computing than Android apps, and there are multiple platform for mobile devices to deliver benefits to the their customers, for instance Nokia with their operating system.


Of course the iPhone might be the best-known or most promoted of these apps development industries, but the google Android operating system seems to be the one that everyone is putting their money on. How could you not. As Google has a massive stake in the success of the Android  market they will put their full expertise behind it. And because Google has massive experience and access to a wealth of resources, you know this is a good company to bet on.


So far the Android operating system includes 91,000 applications, with an extra 15,000 added every month. But these numbers are growing at a fast pace. This has as much to do with brand recognition as it does with the fact that Android is an open-source software stack that allows it's developers to create apps on a level playing field with each other. This means that anyone with a good idea and a little bit of programming knowledge can get their apps developed and to market in a very short time period with very few things standing in the way. In many ways it is the most democratic of all of the development systems in the world, as the market truly sorts which apps are valuable and which apps do not meet the criteria for what people want.


The twago platform allows you to find developers easily.

However, as the market for Android apps has expanded quickly, so has the labour force claiming they can create them. This might be a good thing for some businesses who are in the market for creating loads of Android apps quickly and cheaply. There are Android app developers out there who have specialized (mostly in Java) in the art of creating Android apps. The Android app freelancer can do what you need them to do at a price you can afford. This is one option.


There are also Android apps programmers with more diverse experience. They can go beyond the simple Java language and make Android apps that truly stands out. Of course this type of project development does not come without a price. If you want your Android apps to fly off the shelves at the Android market you have to invest more time and more money finding the right people. This is why the twago platform is the best for finding Android app developers. If you have an idea for your business you simply post it on our site and instantly gain access to scores of Android app programmers from around the world. All of them have varying degrees of skill and experience. With twago you can choose the one that you think matches your project the best. Perhaps you want someone who can create boiler plate Java apps in a heartbeat. Or maybe you want a developer that can help you create Android apps that is totally new. No matter what you want you can find the right people for your job at Twago.

Android Apps: Develop Android apps for multiple mobile brands.

One thing that you must keep in mind when developing Android apps and looking for programmers on twago to help you, is that the landscape on which google manages the the Android apps market is constantly shifting. One major element that you must keep in mind is that the licensing agreements from google for their operating system are evolving. While certain mobile device makes can carry the Android apps platform, others can't. However this is changing. Finding a skilled programmer to help you with you program is essential, but you also need someone who knows the market and keeps tabs on different industry trends.


When you register for free on twago and post your project you can specify these exact criteria. Another advantage to finding an Android app programmer on twago is that you can find someone who also keeps track of the different version histories of Android. Google names their Android versions after different sweet deserts. This includes Eclair, Froyo (frozen yoghurt), Ginergbread and Honeycomb. Some versions are faster, while others are better for interface with a keyboard. On twago you can find an expert on all of these versions to help your business develop apps that can help your customers and ultimately bring more business to you enterprise. So for the best Android apps expert on the web sign up for free to twago and post your project now.

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