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Increase your online success with an expert Developer

  • Looking to build your own website? On the twago platform you can find the expert developer you need.
  • Wanting to create your own app or web application? Then it’s never been easier to find the perfect developer for your needs.
  • Security and trust every developer on twago comes equipped with references and is peer-reviewed by other customers using the platform. This ensures that you can find the right programmer or web developer for your project without any risk.

The digital world plays a vital role in our lives and the opportunities offered to us through e-commerce are immense. Businesses from across the globe are realizing that without an internet site they are virtually invisible to their customers and that only through a professional online presence, can they ensure to connect with their target audiences successfully - this is where a quality and experienced developer steps in. Additionally, with the help of a skilled programmer businesses can enter the exciting app market or launch e-commerce platforms alongside re-developing or adding new features to their websites.

However for all of these possibilities, an array of programming languages need to be used and numerous technicalities to be addressed. If you do not have the skills within your existing IT department for any of these projects, then finding an experienced and top-quality web development expert through an outsourcing platform such as twago saves you time and allows you to focus on the other important aspects of your business including online marketing and PR.

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Need a Developer for a Webshop?

Just as with Facebook applications, Smartphone apps or websites; there are numerous features and functions that can be developed for a Webshop. Only an expert developer will know what features can be realized and which not. In short, before your vision becomes a reality you will need a programmer who has the experience and skills to not only develop your Webshop, but who can also guide and advise you during the planning process. Having a developer at your side will prove invaluable in knowing which features can be developed with which programming language and what budget is approproiate for your project.

Moreover, a developer will know how to scale the development process of a Webshop and thus if you want hundreds or thousands of users to use your Webshop at one time, then you’ll need the services of a expert developer to ensure that the platform runs smoothly and is bug-free.

Find a Developer who knows their way around PHP, Java and HTML5

It’s no easy task to develop a website and program the special features that will make your website stand out from the competition, please your customers and provide a professional user experience. Dynamic websites with interactive features and applications are not easy to develop and thus you need an experienced developer who has masterful knowledge of PHP, Java and HTML5 as these are the building blocks of modern day websites. With PHP, a developer can construct a server-side system that is platform independent. A PHP developer can carry out their work with lower costs due to the number of open source solutions which are freely offered online.

For HTML5 in particular, not every developer is skilled in using this language considering as it is newer to the market and more features are constantly being developed. However with HTML5 more attractive elements can be used by the developer for your website that negates the need to use Flash. A Java developer can use this flexible programming language for large projects mainly because Java makes use of standardized interfaces and a wide range of abstraction layers. Java also enables simpler programming for the developer due to the use of XML. For these reasons a Java developer is the perfect fit for medium and small sized companies.

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How can I find the right Developer for me?

If you’ve found the niche in the market but need a website to bring your idea to the public then with twago you are in the right place to find your developer. Simply put, knowledge of programming cannot be obtained overnight, yet with twago you can find a qualified, experienced and passionate developer for your project within minutes. The online outsourcing platform enables you to upload the parameters of your development project, including your expected budget and expected date of completion.

Simply post your project onto the platform and you’ll be contacted by freelance developers from across the globe, who can create your databank, develop your app or construct your website. You have complete control over the selection process and with the references and reviews provided for every developer, you’ll be able to pick the right developer for you safe in the knowledge that they can bring their professionalism and skills to your project.

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