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Looking for a professional freelancer?

In the harsh economic climate, experienced, qualified and hard-working freelancers are discovering new ways to find work and bring their skills and services to a wide client base. This drive and determination also benefits companies as they can hire a freelancer on a more flexible basis to suit their needs rather than employing a large number of in-house workers.


Hiring a freelancer on a freelance basis can deliver much needed skills and expertise to your company without the effort of covering training costs and structured wages of a more permanent employee. A freelancer can have many projects on hand or can work solely for you, and their price can be negotiated. There is much freedom in the process of hiring a freelancer so therefore if you need any assistance or do not know where to look for such a professional then why not try twago?

Finding the perfect freelancer with twago

twago is an online project platform where freelancers in a wide array of skills including web design, translation and programming offer their services and expertise to customers seeking solutions for their individual needs. Here is a step by step explanation of how the twago process works;

  • Free registration: The first step is easy and fast. Just register as a member of the twago platform for free.
  • Project description: The next step is crucial as it involves you outlining and uploading the specifications and goals of your project. If you want a freelancer to create a website, implement new graphic designs here is the step to detail your requirements.
  • Choice of the freelancer: Once you have uploaded your project you can expect to receive many offers of expertise and assistance from many freelancer experts from around the world. Now, you just review their qualifications, prices, experience and profiles to decide on which freelancer is right for your project.
  • Project Management: Before your freelancer starts the project you must negotiate with the freelancer on the expected size, duration and cost of the project. Also, budget accordingly for the project and create milestones to check the progress of the freelance professional.
  • Payment: Once the project is complete and you are happy with the results you can use the twago Escrow service to ensure that the payment of the freelancer is safe and secure.

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What are the advantages of using a freelancer?

Everyone knows the situation, deadlines need to be met but the project in question is in dire need of the skills and expertise that can ensure its successful completion on time and within budget. This is where a freelancer becomes your solution. By opting for a freelancer you can be sure to utilise the skills and expertise of a hard-working and qualified individual without the long-term commitment. Moreover, by using a freelance worker, the professional can work for you independent of any trade regulations and without registering as a business or having to pay any corporation tax because they are registered as a freelancer.

In what areas can a freelancer work?

With the onset of globalization there should be no difficulty in finding a top-quality freelancer who can lend their help to your project. Perhaps you need a freelance translator to translate your manual, business contract or website? Or perhaps you need a freelance programmer to ensure that your web shop or forum runs smoothly? There are hundreds of areas that a freelancer can assist you in so don’t be scared to dive into the outsourcing world here at twago to find the perfect freelancer for you. We have freelancers in the areas of;

  • Web Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Programming, most notably in the areas of websites, forums, Smartphone apps and other software based applications
  • Translation. – In fact the best way to find a freelance translator for your documents would be to use a global platform such as twago to find a linguistic expert
  • Text writing. Within the journalistic industry there are many freelancer writers
  • Financial, legal, corporate and tax advice

The flexibility of working that is offered to both a freelancer and their employer far outweigh the benefits of hiring full-time employees to suit your short-term needs. Here at twago you can be sure to find the perfect freelancer for your company.

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