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What is graphic design?

Inspiration and creativity are the founding blocks of our world. In every object, logo, picture or sign a creative process has been undertaken to bring an individual’s spark of ingenuity and flair to life through a physical product. The area of graphic design is broad and can cater for the creation of products and objects in many different walks of life, from advertising and marketing to art and product development. Professional graphic design services are highly sought after and can prove the difference between the success or failure of a concept and business idea. No matter what graphic design services you desire to bring your project to life, with twago, you will surely find the perfect graphic design expert for your needs.

What can a Graphic Design expert do for you?

The skills of an expert can be applied to many different areas of graphic design. Of course many aspects of this field will focus on illustration, use of imagery, photography or interactive design, but for businesses, the most applicable areas of graphic design for their needs are typically found in the following fields;

  • Logo Design – Particularly for start-ups and emerging enterprises that seek to combine their personality and brand in a single identifiable logo.
  • Brand Development – here graphic designers can take on a consultancy role and advise their clients on how to develop a visual representation of their corporate identity.
  • Advertising and promotion – a design expert will be invaluable in giving advice on how best to visually promote and advertise the company, including flyer design and banner design.
  • Web Design – whilst the construction of a website is best left in the hands of a programmer, a graphic designer can assist with the layout, design and use of 3D imagery on your website.

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The key skills of a graphic design expert are creativity, experience and professionalism. It is not good enough for the needs of you or your company to hire an expert who can simply brainstorm fantastic ideas, yet have no idea how to implement these concepts and bring the project to fruition. What you need is a freelancer who has a large amount of experience in their field and who has had tried and tested success with various graphic design projects. Luckily for you, twago has a plentiful supply of many such experts. Here’s how you can navigate the twago platform and find your grapic design pro with ease;

  • Register with twago today, for free!
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  • Receive offers of assistance from experienced professionals
  • Review the qualifications, profiles, and customer references provided by every expert who contacts you to assure yourself of their professionalism and trustworthiness.
  • Use secure payment procedures offered by the twago platform to conclude payment easily and securely.
  • Enjoy your new logo, banner, corporate identity and much, much more!

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The needed qualifications

Your service provider must have considerable experience in both the designing and actual physical implementation of your products and projects. For many aspects of graphic design your expert must need an accomplished set of computing and software knowledge in order to be able to create graphics, adverts, logos or banners. In particular, your graphic design freelancer must have experience in using the Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash and CorelDraw programs which offer an array of options to the graphic designer to create graphics and edit the colour, shape and application of 2D and 3D images. In addition, the differences in functions for programs that are run on both the PC and Mac systems must be understood by the graphic design freelancer you hire such as the Artboard program which is only designed for the Mac. Lastly, as the barriers between web design and graphic design become ever-more fluent a graphic designer with knowledge of programming languages such as PHP would greatly assist the successful completion of your project.

As you can see the qualifications required are vast, and this doesn’t even take into account the need for flair, creativity and imagination that is required of a pro. Nevertheless, to find the perfect freelancer who can help bring your graphic project to life and help deliver a product, logo or website that really communicates your corporate identity and personality effectively, then register with twago today!

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