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Take your business everywhere with an app

On the surface an app might not look like much. Just a small icon shimmering on the touch screen of an iPhone. But an iPhone app is so much more than this. It is a small window into your core business strategy, it is a way for you to access your customers globally. It can even be a revenue stream in and of itself, as Apple has licenced third party iPhone applications creators to make any idea they have for the iPhone a reality.


An app can be a GPS powered shopping tool that lets you see where the nearest bargains are to your location. It could be something simple, like an app that translates the nutrition information on the back of a cereal box into something you can understand. There is also social networking, video editing, sound editing, the possibilities really are only limited by your imagination. You probably have an idea in your head right now of what you want your app to look like and how you want your customers to interact with it. But to make an iPhone app for your business, or turn your bright idea into an iPhone app you will need skilled people with experience in creating an iPhone app to help you with your project. This is where twago comes in.


twago gives you instant access to the most skilled iPhone app developers on the planet

The year 2007 revolutionized the way everyone sees their mobile device. Sure, up uintil that point just all of the major players in the mobile industry, from Nokia, to Samsung to Blackberry were developing apps for their mobile devices with a wide range of functionality. But when apple announced that they were going to open up the code for their iPhone device to any third party developer, the entire industry changed. Suddenly overnight iPhone apps started flooding into their new app store. The expression, 'there is an app for that' entered our lexicon. The market proved to be very lucrative and almost overnight every business, whether they needed one or not, was developing an app. Today there are more than 300,000 iPhone apps in the Apple app Store.


These range from apps that simply make bird sounds, to apps that will pluck a song out of the air and let you know what it is (and where to buy it of course.) Another great thing about an iPhone app is that it gives you the ability to make money long after your app is finished. While apple does reserve full distribution rights to all of the apps that are featured in the app store, the app creator (you) still retain 70% of the profits from all sales of your app. This can provide an excellent revenue stream for you business moving forward.

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Why choose twago for your app ideas?

At twago we understand that there is a big difference between needed an iPhone applications for your business and actually designing one. That idea in your head? If you want to translate it to a mobile device you are going to need some help. An iPhone app is coded using the Ajax programming language, yet while Ajax is a popular programming language it is relatively new. This means that there might not be as many professional freelance developers with the skills needed to make your iPhone app a reality. They will understand that in order to make an iPhone app they will need to buy a license needed to obtain the code and test it in an iPhone simulator, so see just how well it works and if the interface is appropriate for you customers.


Thanks to our transparent market you can post you iPhone project and instantly scores of iPhone development experts can see your project and let you know if they can help you at the price you want in a time frame that is comfortable for you. Twago also lets you communicate directly with the iPhone experts to ensure that what you want is what your customer sees when they download an iPhone app and press it. There is more to having an app for your business than simply posting it on the App Store. You also need experience about the market. This is why at twago you will also find iPhone consultants you will advise you thanks to years of experience they have creating and uploading some of the best iPhone in the world (apps you can get yourself to see if the developer really knows what he or she is doing).