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Shopping in the 21st Century

Only a few years would the term “online shop” have been alien to most people. Yet with the growth of the internet the market that enables you to do your shopping and purchase goods online has exploded. From Amazon to a whole host of online shops provide customers the opportunity to buy anything from cars and video games, to washing machines, car navigation, netbooks and chocolate. The art of a successful web shop however is not just to undercut your competitors with low prices, it is to identify a lucrative hole in the market and deliver a professional, trustworthy and efficient service that encourages your customers to use your online store again and again whilst also recommending your shop to their friends. The advantages of buying a wide selection of goods from around the world at competitive prices explain the attraction of online store to customers.

If you want to get your foot in the door and jump into the lucrative and exciting world of e-commerce with your own shop, then with twago you can be sure to find the perfect programmer to help your fulfill your online shop dreams.

How to find the perfect programmer with twago

Finding a suitable expert to create an web shop for can take a long time and ultimately be unsuccessful. Using the yellow pages or doing an exhaustive online search with Google can take time, cost money and are not guaranteed methods to bring success. Luckily, with twago, your hunt for a qualified, cost-effective and most importantly verified web store programmer is over! Here’s how the process works;

  • Register with twago today, for free!
  • Sketch out your web shop ideas on our platform
  • Receive offers of assistance from e-Commerce freelancers
  • Review the qualifications, profiles, and customer references provided by every online store freelancer. Therefore you can be assured of their professionalism and trustworthiness.
  • Use secure payment procedures offered by the twago platform to conclude payment easily and securely.
  • Enjoy your new e-Commerce!

Get Started with your Online Shop!

What kind of Web Store do I want?

An online store is the perfect way to bring your innovative and exciting products to a customer base from across the globe, so it’s no surprise that online shop programmers are in high demand. The concept of creating an online shop and doing business through the internet is called “E-Commerce”, and this industry is going from strength to strength. However, before you dive into this lucrative market it is vital that you acquaint yourself with the exact needs of your online shop;

  • Secure Payment Systems: You need to ensure that your customers can pay for their goods securely, and that your web store is protected against hackers who may attempt to steal money from the accounts of your customers.
  • Quick order, safe delivery: You will need an online shop that not only enables the user to place their order easily, but also enables the shipment of their order to be placed immediately to ensure a quick delivery of their goods.
  • Ease of use: You need an online shop that can be used by almost everybody, regardless of their level of internet expertise.
  • Attractive, eye-catching shop: You will need an online store programmer that can design the layout of your shop that best attracts customers and increases the amount of business through your shop.

The two most-used online shop platforms around are the Magento and OsCommerce platforms. Both open-source solution based programs are designed to deliver all of the above aspects to the creation of your online shop and are free to download and use. However, to get the best out of these programs one really needs to be an expert in creating an online shop. It is obvious that the success of Amazon or Ebay could not have been developed by the enthusiasm of an E-Commerce beginner alone.

Get Started with your store!

How to get the best out of your e-Commerce AND your Online Store programmer!

An web shop can perform a wide variety of functions. For example a site like Ebay serves as a platform to enable C2C (consumer to consumer commerce), Amazon functions as a B2C (business to consumer), and of course let’s not forget the amateur musician who needs an online shop on his website to enable him to sell his material. There are a whole host of reasons that you may want an online shop, however the only way you will get what you desire is to define exactly what you want to the e-Commerce programmer;

  • Cost: Do you want to spend thousands on your online shop or do you want your programmer to create a simple online shop extension to your website that won’t break the bank?
  • Time: Do you need your online shop to be up and running as fast as possible? Or can you wait, and let the programmer create a more extensive and developed shop?
  • Purpose: Do you need the programmer to create an online shop that deals with the selling of data files such as with the itunes store? Or do you need the programmer to create an web store that can quickly and efficiently arrange the delivery of large physical products across the globe?
  • Market knowledge: Do you need the services of a programmer who knows the market well and can help you to identify a lucrative hole in the market that can be filled by your unique products and professional online shop?
  • Design experience: If you are relying on the expertise of a programmer to assist with the design aspects of your e-Commerce then you must detail this in your project requirements when uploading the scope of your online shop assignment tot he twago platform. The principle here is that by only detailing exactly what you want can you be sure to receive the service that you exactly need.
  • Marketing and SEO knowledge: Unfortunately, in the world of E-commerce a good idea and determination will only get you so far. Nowadays it is absolutely vital that you find a programmer who can assist with the marketing of your online shop in order to ensure that it can be found by customers of Google. This may entail the procurement of Google Adwords to advertise your online store, or even a use of SEO knowledge to ensure that your online shop has the right amount of popular keywords that will enable it to rank higher on Google search results.

Start your Shop today!