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PHP Programmer: Find your PHP Programmer with twago

With the increasing availability of skilled workers with expertise in almost every field based outside of companies’ home turf, the business world is starting become aware of the many benefits that are available when using online job exchange platforms to find PHP Programmers. Along with significant cost savings, transferring certain operational tasks to a third party can give you more time to focus on the pressing matters of driving forward your business and product. If you are looking for an expert PHP programmer for your project then twago is here to help. As an online marketplace for outsourcing, twago will connect you with experts all eagerly awaiting to complete your PHP project. Simply register, upload the details and scope of your PHP project and receive offers of assistance from national and international PHP freelancers.

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Uses of PHP for a Programmer

  • Generate HTML/XML content
  • Execute command-line scripts
  • Develop client-side applications
  • Data storage for business/e-commerce (due to its functionality with a wide range of databases)
  • File and directory maintenance
  • Manage text/graphic content

Although many people are solving their web developing projects with languages such as Perl, Ruby on Rails, Python and, in some instances where performance is paramount, C. PHP for a programmer simply excels at a variety of different applications and has therefore made its way to the forefront of server-side languages, making PHP one of the most suitable options for both you and your programmer. Why wait? Join now and let twago find the perfect PHP programmer to take your project forward.

What is PHP?

PHP is an HTML embedded, server-sided scripting language used to create dynamic web pages. Similar in syntax to languages such as C or Perl, PHP allows for a programmer to create pages much faster. PHP is open source and available for free to anybody – it is now one of the most popular languages in the open source category. Having been constantly improved and developed since its initial conception PHP has fast become one of the most widely used languages in the world, estimated to be installed on at least 2,500,000 web site domains.

Benefits of PHP for a Programmer

Firstly, with such a large community of PHP users around the globe the access to information, tips and troubleshooting for a programmer is incredibly varied. As it is a very lightweight programming language your PHP programmer will be able to develop web pages with much greater speed – as it is embedded into HTML (a much simpler language to read than say Perl) the greater readability allows for a smoother development process. Furthermore, PHP has an affinity with both Apache and MySQL. Apache is the world’s most used web server making PHP even more accessible. MySQL is an incredibly powerful SQL database and is, like PHP, available free. The combination of PHP, Apache and MySQL has become somewhat of a legendary combination for any PHP programmer or web developer around the globe.