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Programmer Wanted! Finding a programmer is easier today than ever before!

  • Post your programming project
    On the platform like twago you can find your wanted programmer
  • Have your own website programmed
    Private customers as well as companies have the possibility via twago to post their projects easily and without complications
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Programmer Wanted: Why an expert Programmer is vital for your success

From applications to web pages, professional programming services are central to the success of an IT project, no matter what specific area it focusses on. There are a number of different programming languages that serve as programming tools for a variety of applications and operating systems, but due to the technical nature of these programs the work of programming is of course best left to a talented programmer. If you need an experienced programmer who is skilled in the use of these languages to deliver success to your project then twago is the place to find your wanted programmer.

Programmer Wanted: How can twago help you find a Programmer?

The twago platform offers you the perfect opportunity to find your wanted programmer. Simply register with us and upload the scope and goals of your proposed programming project. Then wait for offers of assistance and technical support from experienced, enthusiastic and cost-effective programmers from across the globe to come flooding in. Our experts are verified and twago offers you a secure payment service, so you can be sure that your project is in safe hands.

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Programmer Wanted: Choosing the right programming language

What are the abilities that your wanted programmer should have? The decision about the programming language is the basis of all work that follows. Although the discussion about the „right“ programming language is similar to the search for the Holy Grail, there are a few criteria which can orientate your wanted programmer towards making the right decision.

Programmer wanted: Applications (desktop – or web programming)

First, your wanted programmer must consider if what should be developed is a desktop application or a web application . Thanks to the the separation of business, database practices and visualization (MVC) the business and database practices in languages like Java or C# can easily be reused for both web and desktop applications. As a rule, the design and communication functions must be adjusted accordingly. If one is using a modern web language like PHP one always needs a web server for the execution of the program by your wanted programmer.

Programmer wanted: Functionality of desired applications

First and foremost your desired application will tell you what abilities the programmer you need should have and also which language you should decide to use. For example when you create a homepage and with it interactive video-type functions, you can look for a programmer in the Flash circles. Java for example gives possibilities to work with graphic elements on your site. Such graphic intensive applications cannot be executed alone by the wanted programmer with a script language such as PHP. On the other hand if you have aweb shop you will need very different expertise. In this regard the wheel does not need to be invented anew, your wanted programmer will know the common open source solutions Magento, xt-commerce, os-commerce, etc.

Programmer wanted: Dependence/independence of the platform

While programming languages like Java and C C++ are independent on the platform and can be used universally, languages like C# and the .NET Framework are platform dependent. That is to say that C# applications run only on machines which have the .NET framework installed. Generally, for running the .NET applications Windows computers are used. In fact these days there are also .NET environments for Linux and Macintosh, but their adoption is not widely spread out amongst programmers. One can take the view that C# is just as flexible to install by the wanted programmer for modern usage as the above mentioned languages that are platform independent ones or “platform independent script languages” like PHP or Perl.

Programmer wanted: Costs (development + operations)

There are various points to be considered by your wanted programmer in connection with operating costs. For public domain software like Java, PHP, RubyOnRails etc there exist free of charge development programs like Eclipse or free of charge web server solutions such as Apache Tomcat. On the other hand for the development of .NET applications, you will need to pay for Microsoft Visual Studio.

Looking at the development costs themselves, they are lower in PHP due to cost of salary for PHP programmers being 10%-30% lower. Java and C# programmers are also generally more expensive than the correspondingly qualified PHP colleagues. This comes about from the greater quantity of available resources. Whilst PHP is now used by many students, Java and C# are more exclusively used in the professional environment.

Programmer wanted: Technological differences in the programming languages

Last but not least there are of course natural technological differences between the languages. While Java and C# are relatively similar and only help out in the front end and PHP is only a pure server side functioning script language. It could be JSP or ASP that end up conquering the web. Nevertheless, ensure to hire an experienced wanted programmer who is skilled in all of these languages!