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Ruby on Rails is a flexible tool for your online project

Several years ago when ruby on rails was released it represented a paradigm shift in the world of coding, developing and programming. Of course there have been many different programming languages in the past who have hoped to create such an impact and revolutionise the way we design websites, but to date ruby has been the only one to truly deliver on this promise in any meaningful way.


To understand this language you have to think of it both as a programming language like PHP, Java or C++, but with several big differences. The ruby part  is actually the programming language itself. The rails is a framework used to implement the language for a whole host of different purposes. We will get to more of that in a second. The other thing that makes it so remarkable is that it is completely open source. This means that anyone who wants to use the ruby on rails platform can use it and improve upon it. This means that as a way of designing websites and applications, it has been gaining steam all over the world and is really establishing itself as one of the most user friendly ways for information to be transmitted to websites, applications and other kinds of software that require programming. It has also opened up the employment market for programmers – this is where twago comes in.


What can ruby on rails do for you and your business?

It is no coincidence that the explosion of the mobile phone application economy has coincided with the release of ruby on rails as an open source coding platform. Almost overnight anyone who had an idea for an application and a limited knowledge of basic coding could learn it and begin designing this application at home. Another great benefit was the don't repeat yourself ethos. Whereas before ruby, coders would have to cut and paste the same code again and again.


Now, the platform just assumes it can duplicate the code unless you say otherwise. This has saved programmers much time and money. Also around this time Apple released ruby on rails with their Leopard package to design apps specifically for the iphone and other apple products. Within months the apple app store was flooded with independently created applications from everything from voice recognition software, to applications that sang to applications that did your taxes. If it could be imagined, ruby on rails was the fastest easiest and most efficient way to make this a reality. It was a revolution in the programming world. Suddenly anyone could become a programmer. And in fact that is exactly what happened.

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How to bring ruby on rails expertise to your project

As with all open source programming languages and platforms, if they are free to use they become very popular. This is never more the case than in the devloping world where students need to cheapest tools at their disposal in order to learn. So what we have here is a perfect storm that is ideal for your business. You have a language that is efficient, free, easy to use and there is a host of available experts from all over the world who will do your project for a price that you can afford. But how to find these specialists from far off lands?


This is where twago comes in. We have gather a whole database of the top experts from around the world. We have vetted them and now all you have to do is post your project no matter what it is. It could be a half finished application. It could be an idea scrawled on the back of a beer coaster. If you post your project these ruby on rails experts will look at it and tell you if they can do it for the price you have asked and in the time you request. It is that simple with twago. Just post your project here today for free and see for yourself the magic of an open source programming platform that can turn any idea into a great business.

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