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What Search Engine Optimization means for your business

In these ever-changing times, companies have to implement more ingenious and more successful search engine marketing strategies in order to stay one step ahead of the competition. Search engine optimization (or SEO for short) has become an integral part to the online presence of many companies. The crux of SEO is for companies to rank highly within the search results of search engines such as Google or Yahoo. SEO refers primarily therefore to the practices and activities undertaken to optimize both the website itself of a company and increase their presence around the internet. If the world of SEO is lost on you and you need results, then through twago you can be sure to find the perfect SEO expert for your website.

Want to find a SEO wizard with twago?

Using the twago platform to find the right qualified, enthusiastic and eager SEO expert is easy and the steps are as simple as follows;

  • Register with twago today, for free!
  • Sketch out the scope of your search engine optimization needs
  • Receive offers of assistance from SEO freelancers
  • Review the qualifications, profiles, and customer references provided by every SEO freelancer. Therefore you can be assured of their professionalism and trustworthiness.
  • Use secure payment procedures offered by the twago platform to conclude payment easily and securely.
  • Enjoy your new and improved rankings for your website!

Get Started with SEO!

Search Engine Optimization: Staying ahead of the competition

To ensure that your website is viewed by the target market, and to ensure that it is YOUR product which is purchased by the consumer it is absolutely vital to engage in SEO. The idea is simple; when an individual searches for a certain word with a search engine like Google the search engine can scroll throughout the entirety of the internet to give you the best quality and most relevant search results. In a nut-shell Google sorts out the most relevant sites from the crowd by;

  • Analyzing the keyword used in the search query and matching it with the content found on your website to see if your website would be useful to the customer’s search query
  • Judging how relevant and trusted your site is by seeing how many links have been created to your website from internet users

These two broad criterions are labeled as OnPage and OffPage SEO


Search Engine Optimization: The process

For a successful OnPage strategy, you will need a search engine optimization expert with an in-depth knowlwdge of popular search terms (commonly regarded as keywords). In order to create content and webpages that utilise the best keywords you will need a SEO expert who can analyse search patterns (using such programs as the Google Adwords Keyword tool) and determine which particular keywords are the most search-for and which keywords have less competition. This practice is done to enable a page with the perfect keyword to rank higher on Google search results. Further OnPage strategies include the layout of pages, including optimized titles and Meta tags.

For a successful OffPage strategy you will need to hire a SEO expert who can successfully create links (so-called backlinks) to your website on quality, trusted and popular forums, blogs and websites around the internet. The art of backlinking is to create links from “trusted” websites (in Google’s perspective) as this will increase the ranking of this webpage within Google search results.

Search Engine Optimization: The pitfalls of SEO

The reason you need to hire a search engine optimization expert is simple. Unsuccessful SEO practices will get you nowhere, and simply spamming the internet with thousands of links to uninteresting and unoriginal content (your un-optimized webpages) can even results in a penalty for your website that will ensure that it does not rank highly on Google and therefore you don’t reach any customers. The concept of Black-Hat search engine optimization even covers all illegal practices and can result in a severe penalty from Google, so you must make sure to avoid black.hat practices such as buying thousands upon thousands of spam links to sites which are of no relevance to your website and are of low quality. With twago you will find such a qualified expert easily!

Get Started with SEO!