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SEO lets your customers find you fast

When one of your customers goes looking for your project, how do you think they will find it? Most likely they will do an internet search with a few words they think are relevant to the topic. The chances are astronomically higher that they will choose one of the businesses that are displayed on the first page of rankings than on any other page. So if someone told you that there was a technique that you could employ to profoundly change your business for the better, you would listen to them right?


This is seo, it is the power to get noticed and boost your business. Seo stands for search engine optimization and it is the way that any website can be seen as trusted and useful. Seo is not magic or luck, it is a carefully thought out system whereby you ensure that all of the information that your customers are looking for can be detected by search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Seo involves many different techniques that will be explained in this article. There is the use of key words, the use of bolding and writing header text, there is also meta tagging and other efforts involved in seo that you don't always see, but are working behind the scenes to make sure that the people you want to see your website will see it first. Think of it this way as well. If business is all about location location location, then seo puts your in the heart of downtown with a giant neon sign. Without seo your website is operating out of the back of a van by the side of a dirty river. Perhaps this is a slight exaggeration, but you get the idea.


Why SEO is more than just using keywords

On the surface it may seem like all there is to seo is simply making sure the proper words appear in the text of your website frequently enough for the search engine to find them. However there is much more to it. Firstly there is a right way and a wrong way to do seo.The two ways are black hat seo and white hat seo. Black hat seo uses every dirty trick in the book to get a good page ranking. This includes keyword stuffing, spamming, and complex systems known as link farms. These all work in certain respects to attracting traffic to a website.


However they are not good for customer loyalty or satisfaction. Another major problem with black hat seo is that the search engine companies devote all of their time to learning about these tricks and stopping them. On the other hand, white hat seo is a way to make sure that only the customers that you are seeking find your site. It is all about efficiency. White hat seo uses a holistic approach to seo where everything from images, to cross linking, promotion and creating good quality text are used together to achieve page ranking. Think of it this way. When you build a website do you want it to be a unstable and short term, and probably torn down by the city after a few years (the city in this case being Google). Or do you want to build something that will last, earn you respect and curry favour with the city?

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How to find the best seo with twago

Another decision you need to make is finding the right people to implement your seo strategy and this is where twago can help. We provide a platform where skilled seo experts from all over the world can gather and apply for seo projects. All you have to do is post your project on our website and let the offers pour in. This is an incredibly efficient way to achieve your seo needs. With so much variation in seo, you want a seo expert who knows exactly what you want. Maybe you want a mix of black hat and white hat. Maybe you want to develop your seo strategy over time. Maybe you want to make a big push fast and attract customers first. This is all possible when you post your seo project on twago and compare and contrast the different offers from providers who have varying levels of skill. So if you have a project, or website that you think the world needs to see. Don`t have faith that people will just magically find your website. You need to be proactive and make sure they see it. Your business deserves it.