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Need quality translation services at a reasonable price?

With the unstoppable process of globalization, individuals and businesses alike are finding themselves dealing with people from all over the world on a daily basis. With the growth of the internet peoples from all four corners of the globe are linked like never before. However, no one can be expected to speak the language of every client, partner or customer fluently and thus the demand for expert translation services has also boomed. No matter what kind of document, video, audio piece or website that you need translated into whatever language, you can be sure to find the right freelancer for you with twago.

Find the perfect Translation freelancer with twago

Simply using an online translation program will not give you satisfactory results when translating your important documents, and in the case of a large translation project, or audio or video translation an online program will be completely inadequate for the job. So if you’re searching for a translation expert who can translate your important documents into other languages, quickly, safely and without breaking the bank, then with twago you’ve found the right place. Our platform gives you the opportunity to find hundreds of the best and verified freelancers who are eager to undertake your task with expertise, skill and enthusiasm.

Using the twago platform to find your expert is easy. Simply register with us today – for free, and upload your translation task to the online job platform. Then quality freelancers can view your translation project and contact you with offers of assistance at much lower prices than if you were to contact a professional translation agency. Remember, all freelancers registered to our platform are required to provide references, qualifications and previous customer reviews. These are there to help guide you in the decision making process of which translation freelancer you want to undertake your translation task.

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Translation: What to look for in a translator

The criteria upon which to base your decision of which translation to choose is wide, here are some key factors that you must consider;

The twago process step by step

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  • Native speaker/mother tongue: If you need a native speaker or is aimed at a specific country audience then detail this in your translation project profile. For example, advertising for a Spanish mother tongue speaker is not good enough if you are specifically aiming your translation at the Chilean market. In this case it would be better to specify that you want a native speaker of Spanish who also has knowledge of the Chilean market.
  • Professional experience: If the documents to be translated are very important, for example business contracts, then you should opt for a translator with proven experience and certified qualifications.
  • Subject knowledge: If the documents in need of translation are scientific or technical in nature then it is vital that you specify this in your project description. Therefore you have more chance of attracting a translator with in-depth knowledge of the subject area upon which the translation will be based.
    • The first step is easy. All you need to do is register with twago today for free!
    • Second step: Fill out the details, expected duration, cost and any further specifications of your project on the twago platform. Take particular care to detail which format you wish for your translation to be produce in by the freelancer, and to what subject the translation relates to.
    • One contacted by translation freelancers, review the provided qualifications, customer feedback, experience and profile of every expert to decide which one is best suited to provide you with translation services.
    • Agree on a price with the freelancer. For example you can choose between setting a fixed price or being flexible on pricing depending on the length and difficulty of the translation task.
    • Project Management: This steps falls into three important factors. Namely amble preparation and negotiation between you and the translator before the task begins to reduce the risk of misunderstandings. In addition, twago allows you to agree upon milestones with the translator which enables you to keep an eye on the progression of your translation and take action if problems arise. Lastly, using the twago project management tool easily allows you to follow the development of your translation as the translator updates their progress.
    • Payment: Use secure payments methods such as PayPal and the twago Escrow service to make safe and secure payments to your translation freelancer once the work is complete.
    • Give feedback and review the work of your expert. This can develop a relationship of trust between you and the freelancer which may prove handy should the need for further translations arise.

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