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An expert Web designer for your coding needs

There was a time when all you needed for a successful online business strategy was a website that was relatively easy to find with a simple web search, that provided enough functionality on the site for your customers to get what they needed. These days, for better or for worse, are long gone. In today's business world you need a website that integrates every aspect of your business. This means great layout, excellent design and art. You also need integrated front end user friendly ways to connect your business to various social media platforms. You might need an online store to allow your client access to you products. In short, you need an expert who understands a more holistic approach to building a website.


You need a web designer who can see the bigger picture of what you want to accomplish, beyond just having a requisite address for your company. You need a freelancer who can work independently from just about anywhere in the world to make your project a reality. In a nutshell you need twago.


With twago you can find the perfect web designer

There is probably nothing out there that hasn`t been tried in web design before. In that respect you really don't need a web designer who is looking to make a name for themselves by mucking around on your company time trying to revolutionize the internet. You need experienced professionals of all elements of web design who suit your particular project, and your particular needs. In recent years the number of graduates in web design has exploded and the number of web designers who are offering their services is immense. But not all of them are created equal and it is not always easy to tell who really are the best.

It's tempting to think that a web designer from developing countries is at a disadvantage because of skill level. But this would be a massive mistake. Web developers from the BRIC countries are some of the brightest around because their education systems put a premium on the new economy. These countries more often than developed ones have special schools to encourage ever web designer to specialize in skills for a global economy. The advantage that twago gives you is that it can put you directly in contact with these web designers.

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A Web designer for your project who has multiple skills

How twago helps you find a web designer for your project is that we offer a platform for talented coders, programmers, graphic designers and just about every person from every aspect of web design you can think of to post their profiles on our site. All you need to do is post your project (it could be as simple as an idea you might sketch on the back of a napkin) and suddenly you will have scores of web designers consulting you and offering you their services. All you need to do is search for the web designer you think will understand your project best, and be able to deliver it at a price that you are comfortable with. Every web designer on twago is peer reviewed, so you know that only the best standard of web designer make it onto our platform. Once you have selected one that is perfect for your website project. You only pay when that project is completed to your specifications. As such, twago ensures that the money for the project stays in escrow until the project is complete. This is the beauty of using twago.