Adaptive InfoTech Private Limited

Chennai, India
2.5 Score: 2.53/10
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  • Web & Programming
  • Design & Media


Projects executed: 1. DSP-based wireless baseband for WiCOMM-T(Software Defined Radio) 2. WiMAX System Controller 3. Zigbee Software Development 4. Java based MP3 mixer 5. Needle Positioner - Biopsy Device 6. Matlab/Student Projects(Fortran to Matlab conversion, Utility functions, Inventory Control, Delta-Sigma Modulator, Unmanned Rail-Road Crossing) 7. Touchscreen based Auto-perimeter 8. Mobile applications for Series 60 3rd edition, Symbian C++ based mobile phones. 9. Electronic Spare Parts Catalogue Software 10. Automotive Glossary of Electrical, Electronic, and Communication terms 11. Bluetooth based analog data acquisition system 12. Eicher Service Information 13. Bluetooth based Tonometer 14. GPS based Speed Sensor 15. Auto-refractometer and Keratometer 16. Zigbee based RS232 Adapter 15. Corporate Trainings on Wireless(CDMA, Bluetooth), Network Management, Telecom(ADSL, VDSL), Datacom(Networking), Wireless Communication Implementation Aspects, Linux Service description: Technical Consultancy Services for the development of Software and Electronic Hardware in the fields of Information and Communication Technology(ICT) and its Applications. We have decades of strong foundation in the fields of Digital Communication(Wireless and Wireline), Digital Signal Processing(DSP) & Algorithms, and RTOS & Embedded Systems. We have been developing ICT/Wireless Embedded Solutions in areas such as Education, Healthcare, Automotive, Industrial/Automation/Instrume​ntation, etc. We have conducted several Corporate Trainings for various MNCs. Our Company can undertake system integration of hardware and software modules in areas such as WiMax, WiFi, CDMA, GSM, Bluetooth, GPS as well as Audio and Video applications. We can also develop various open-source based as well as proprietary application softwares including Network Management System, mobile applications, medical applications, and automotive applications.

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DSP-based wireless baseband for WiCOMM-T(Software Defined Radio) , 2006

WiCOMM-T is a general DSP base band platform used to study / emulate / implement various digital communication concepts and standards

Web & Programming

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Software Testing
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Visual Basic
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Design & Media

Audio Editing
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Microsoft Excel Microsoft Powerpoint Microsoft Visio Microsoft Visual Studio FrontPage Video Editing Microsoft Word