Palakkad, India
2.3 Score: 2.29/10


I have been working as a System administrator for more than 6 years. I can work with both Windows and Linux operating systems. I have valid Red Hat certificate (RHCE). I have thorough knowledge and hands on Experience in the following areas: - Cloud sever management (Amazon AWS) - Linux Server administration - Windows Server administration - Installation & configuration of LAMP / LEMP (Linux, Apache, Nginx, Mysql, Php). - Installation & configuration of WIMP (Windows, IIS, Mysql, Php). - Email administration (Postfix) - Active Directory administration - Planning and supporting network infrastructure. - Troubleshooting and analysis of servers, workstations and other communication systems. - Managing user accounts, permissions, access, email, security planning like anti-virus, antispam. - Monitoring of Linux systems & applications - Create isolated test environment same ips and subnet with VMware.

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