Lviv, Ukraine
2.6 Score: 2.64/10

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  • Web & Programming


We are a modern software development and outsourcing company that creates opportunities and solves problems for its customers as they overcome difficulties by creating trustworthy software. During the last six years, we have invested in long lasting business relationships with our clients and treat all of our projects accordingly by ensuring all details are covered and client needs always exceeded. Our provided services include:: 1) Web Development Data processing and CRM software; Business process automation; E-Commerce applications; Financial and accounting software. 2) Desktop Applications Our staff can create an efficient and easy to use program for you, your executive and first line employees; Re-designing, updating and adding features to existing applications that you can rely on each and every day; Migrating your desktop application to a web based program that will allow you do business from anywhere. 3) Mobile Solutions When you need a custom application designed and implemented to help improve your companys' mobile presence, our mobile application engineering is here for you. 4) Quality Assurance We focus in quality and hence, you can rely on and work with, a fully functional and easy to use application.

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Web & Programming

Strength: 10 / 10
Strength: 10 / 10
Strength: 10 / 10
Strength: 10 / 10
Strength: 10 / 10
Software Testing
Strength: 1 / 10


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