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HRreview Magazine

HRreview Magazine

Build and maintain a website for magazine. Create a site hosting news, blogs and articles covering HR topics, plus features such as a supplier directory, webinars, white paper downloads, etc. We also added email subscription and created am email newsletter powered by RSS feeds. Built in advertising slots, filled by Google Adsense and direct sales were also included.

Symposium Events

Symposium Events

Create a website for conferences and training company. The site includes an event calendar, individual event landing pages and a ecommerce powered by Woocommerce.

DataDoggy List Broking

DataDoggy List Broking

Build an ecommerce site for list broker DataDoggy. Site sells downloadable mailing lists. We created the site; wrote copy; selected plugins to run the list subscription service; installed Woocommerce; and added payment gateways.


Sales and Marketing

total average: 8.45/10

Advertising 7.0/10

Affiliate Marketing 8.0/10

Branding 7.0/10

Direct Marketing 7.0/10

Email Marketing 10.0/10

Event Planning 10.0/10

Freelance Marketing 9.0/10

Google AdSense 8.0/10

Google AdWords 7.0/10

Google Analytics 8.0/10

Google Webmaster Central 7.0/10

Internet Marketing 10.0/10

Lead Generation 10.0/10

Link Building 8.0/10

Market Research 9.0/10

Marketing 10.0/10

Marketing Strategy 10.0/10

Public Relations 10.0/10

SEO 7.0/10

Social Media Marketing 7.0/10

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Business Services

total average: 8.75/10

Business Consultancy 8.0/10

Business Development 9.0/10

Business Strategy 9.0/10

Email Handling 9.0/10

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Web & Programming

total average: 6.666666666666667/10

CSS 5.0/10

PHP 5.0/10

WordPress 10.0/10

Design & Media

total average: 6.666666666666667/10

Audio Editing 6.0/10

Video Production 6.0/10

Webdesign 8.0/10


total average: 10.0/10

English 10.0/10

Polish 10.0/10


total average: 10.0/10

Press Release 10.0/10

Press Releases 10.0/10