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My name is Vincent Tse. Alternative you could call me Vincent, which is my English name. I earned my B.A degree in Mechanical Engineer from University of Birmingham, the most prestigious engineering institute located in the city of Birmingham, United Kingdom. My full-time work experience spanned in mostly overseas private sector. I worked in a position where I had to use my engineering skill and language to assist and support my oversea client constantly. Notably, I work in a local foreign trading company for two years after graduation. Where majority of my pervious client had the most complicated and the most up challenge product to be produced right here in china. I had spent four year in acquiring my degree in UK and most of my clients are from English speaking country and they are well satisfied with the way I interact with them. Meanwhile, the experience in assisting and supporting my pervious client helped me develop a reliable chain of manufacture and in deep knowledge on surrounding market around Guangzhou and in China. I’m now a professional freelance business assistant and sourcing agent stationed in Guangzhou, China. I interpret simultaneously and consecutively from Chinese to English and vice versa. My wide experience included providing any related information on certain product prior to my client arrival in China. Supporting business negotiation base on your requirement. Arranging of meeting between manufacture and buyers. Performing product inspection before or after production being completed. Assisting and supporting in cargo loading, shipping and air freight courier. My commitment to quality work and my abiding love of producing useful merchandise had enabled me to attract client from a wide range of sector. My client had the comfort of knowing that every piece of product is given the highest level of personal attention and requirement and that I always go the extra mile to give them the best possible service.

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