Codex Software LLC

Minsk, Belarus
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Codex Software. Exceptional web and mobile development services since 2011. With a rich stack of programming technologies in hand, we excel at building first-rate software products - scalable web and mobile apps, eCommerce and Enterprise software, Big Data and cloud solutions, and many other. Drop in at our headquarters in Minsk, Belarus, or the UK office in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, or visit our website to learn more about us!

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Pronoun is one of the pioneering e-book app developers. Codex Software joined this project by taking up the development of an analytical Big Data processing tool to gather eBook market insights. The related challenges included aggregation of valuable market data from major distribution platforms, its effective processing, tracking of eBook global rankings, and more…

The Loadown

The Loadown – a data-driven platform designed for mobile marketers, app developers and owners. The solution allows to monitor the rankings of mobile apps in real time and provides all the insights necessary to make immediate mobile marketing decisions. Able to store and process terabytes of data and provide app analytics information immediately on demand


Codex Software partnered EnglishCo, LLC to develop a comprehensive eLearning platform designed for English language students. It offers personalized programs led live by American teachers, and offers many other features.