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Coding Brains Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Deerfield Beach, United States
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Web & Programming
Design & Media
Business Services


Coding Brains is a Top Mobile App, Product, and Web Development Company. We work Live in USA time 8:00 am PST to 6:00 PM PST, thus minimizing the communication gap and providing value to clients by combining our experience with our commitment to deliver qualit
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Design & Development of an online scheduler App

Design & Development of an online scheduler App

The App was developed to make your day manageable with features like less typing, voice typing commands, schedule task by a simple scroll up and down button, pop-up reminder of scheduled task & time including click on notification to play task, notifications available even when app is not running, works without internet connection, save time, snooze feature to postpone if not up to the task.

Develop and Design a security application

Develop and Design a security application

The app is activated with a single swipe and once activated it sends out messages for help with your mobile GPS info to your selected FB, Twitter, Email, and text message accounts. It also connects voice call in meantime to any two parties selected during setup. It has feature to transmit critical medical info to selected people via email, if you are unable to do only after app is activated.

Non-functional business app converted into a complete functional app

Non-functional business app converted into a complete functional app

We recreated the app by fixing bugs, added features and converting the loosely written code to a complete Functional App. The alarm goes on including audible alerts in various modes are Check in, Guard me, Track me, Help & SOS modes. It's has high alert criteria's including motion detection, calling emergency contacts, messaging etc


Web & Programming

total average: 10.0/10

.NET 10.0/10

AJAX 10.0/10

AngularJS 10.0/10

ASP 10.0/10

ASP.NET 10.0/10

Backup 10.0/10

C 10.0/10

C# 10.0/10

C++ 10.0/10

CakePHP 10.0/10

Cobal 10.0/10

CodeIgniter 10.0/10

Drupal 10.0/10

Firmware 10.0/10

Google Android 10.0/10

Hosting 10.0/10

HTML 10.0/10

Java 10.0/10

Javascript 10.0/10

Joomla 10.0/10

JQuery 10.0/10

Laravel 10.0/10

Linux 10.0/10

Mac OS X 10.0/10

Magento 10.0/10

MySQL 10.0/10

node.js 10.0/10

Objective-C 10.0/10

osCommerce 10.0/10

PHP 10.0/10

Research and Development 10.0/10

Reverse Engineering 10.0/10

Social Networking 10.0/10

Software Testing 10.0/10

SQL 10.0/10

Swift 10.0/10

Symbian 10.0/10

Usability 10.0/10

VB.NET 10.0/10

Visual Basic 10.0/10

Visual C 10.0/10

Web Mobile 10.0/10

Windows 10.0/10

Windows Mobile 10.0/10

Wireframing 10.0/10

WordPress 10.0/10

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Design & Media

total average: 10.0/10

3d 10.0/10

CAD 10.0/10

CGI Visualisation 10.0/10

Corporate Design 10.0/10

Cover Design 10.0/10

Flash Design 10.0/10

Graphic Design 10.0/10

Logo Design 10.0/10

Product design 10.0/10

Video Production 10.0/10

Videography 10.0/10

Visual Effects 10.0/10

Webdesign 10.0/10

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Business Services

total average: 10.0/10

Design Thinking 10.0/10

Project Management 10.0/10


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