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Renens, Switzerland
6.39 Score: 6.39/10
TOP 5%
2 Projects
2 Evaluations
200 Revenue
6 Languages







30.0000 € / hr My hourly rate

Skills overview

Web & Programming
Sales and Marketing
Business Services
Design & Media


Web engineer with extensive hands-on experience in projects of all sizes, and participating in all stages of the project conception and development. I am well versed in Front-End development, UI design and conception, as well as Back-End development, Database
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Evaluations and Recommendations


Career Fluency HQ

Career Fluency HQ

Lesson Management System created for The Opportunity Network. It implements a custom content delivery system for a specific course curriculum and it features course enrollments, lesson slide-shows, knowledge checks and assessments, support for SCORM media animations, statistics, XLS reports and a fully functional CMS. Built with Laravel, PHP7, CSS3, HTML5, jQuery and Vue.js. Deployed on AWS.

REST API for MoneyThink

REST API for MoneyThink

Development of a full REST API for the MoneyThink project through the CauseLabs web agency. Designed as a replacement for the Parse platform, it supports thousands of monthly users and three client applications: iOS, Android and web. Deployed on the AWS ecosystem for scalability. To ensure the best performance while keeping development pace, I have used Doctrine over MySQL.



Based on a home-made architecture on LAMP, this web catalogue is constantly evolving thanks to an Agile development philosophy. In addition to back and front-end development this project requires: SEO, usability, cross-browser and multi-platform compatibility, social media integration, performance, scalability, administration interfaces, statistics and mobile versions.


Web & Programming

total average: 5.814814814814815/10

Actionscript 7.0/10

AJAX 10.0/10

AngularJS 6.0/10

C 2.0/10

C++ 3.0/10

CakePHP 4.0/10

Cisco 2.0/10

CodeIgniter 5.0/10

CoffeeScript 1.0/10

CRM 5.0/10

CSS 9.0/10

Data Integration 2.0/10

Data Mining 2.0/10

Data Modeling 7.0/10

Data Structures 7.0/10

Data Warehousing 2.0/10

DHTML 10.0/10

Drupal 5.0/10

Flash 7.0/10

Google Android 4.0/10

HTML 10.0/10

HTML5 9.0/10

Java 5.0/10

Javascript 9.0/10

Joomla 6.0/10

JQuery 8.0/10

LAMP 9.0/10

Linux 7.0/10

Magento 6.0/10

MySQL 9.0/10

node.js 7.0/10

Objective-C 2.0/10

osCommerce 6.0/10

Perl 3.0/10

PHP 9.0/10

PostgreSQL 3.0/10

Prestashop 5.0/10

Rapid Prototyping 8.0/10

Reverse Engineering 5.0/10

Ruby 2.0/10

Ruby on Rails 4.0/10

SOAP 5.0/10

Social Networking 3.0/10

Software Testing 8.0/10

SQL 9.0/10

Symfony 1.0/10

Usability 4.0/10

Visual Basic 3.0/10

Web Mobile 5.0/10

Windows 10.0/10

Wireframing 8.0/10

WordPress 8.0/10

XHTML 9.0/10

XML 9.0/10

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Sales and Marketing

total average: 4.333333333333333/10

Advertising 3.0/10

Branding 6.0/10

Google AdSense 4.0/10

Google AdWords 4.0/10

Google Analytics 4.0/10

Internet Marketing 2.0/10

SEO 7.0/10

SEO 6.0/10

Social Media Marketing 3.0/10

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total average: 5.25/10

Content Writing 5.0/10

Editing 2.0/10

Grammar 7.0/10

Online Writing 5.0/10

Proofreading 5.0/10

Resume Writing 7.0/10

Spelling 4.0/10

Web Content 7.0/10

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Business Services

total average: 4.0/10

Business Strategy 2.0/10

Data Entry 4.0/10

Design Thinking 3.0/10

Innovation management 3.0/10

Project Management 8.0/10

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Design & Media

total average: 5.25/10

Flash Design 3.0/10

Graphic Design 6.0/10

Logo Design 5.0/10

Webdesign 7.0/10

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total average: 8.333333333333334/10

English 8.0/10

French 7.0/10

Spanish 10.0/10


Web Services

Mobile Apps


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