Lahore, Pakistan
2.1 Score: 2.07/10
5 Languages






Skill Summary

  • Web & Programming
  • Design & Media
  • Business Services
  • Writing
  • Sales and Marketing


I am a student at Lahore University of Management Sciences and I am doing my bachelor there. I have been working on projects for the last 3 years ranging from media to publication and engineering. I have a divers team of workers who are passionate for their work and can do anything to be the best! Service description: I am a university student and through lots of voluntary works and projects, I have come across many students and people in my city who are best in their jobs and have won numerous prizes but are busy in in their studies. Due to that, they are not doing any official work but I know them that they can do the best work possible in their fields. I will connect YOU with THEM. It will be my responsibility to get the work out of them. I know how they do things at cheap price and with best possible outcomes. I am sure you will get the best quality out of a marginal investment and this comes with lots of respect for customer which you will experience after sales. I am a student and I don’t know golden words which are fake and do nothing rather than just please. I am up for the job and very passionate about my work which is basically your work. I will take it as my own and then the outcome you will see will be too good.I will recommend media works like designing and stuff and writing works like projects and research.

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Web & Programming

Strength: 8 / 10
Strength: 8 / 10
Strength: 7 / 10

Business Services

Admin Assistant
Strength: 3 / 10
Data Entry
Strength: 8 / 10
Email Handling
Strength: 9 / 10

Sales and Marketing

Market Research
Strength: 7 / 10

Design & Media

Audio Editing
Strength: 8 / 10
Letterhead Design
Strength: 7 / 10
Strength: 9 / 10


Content Writing
Strength: 9 / 10
Online Writing
Strength: 7 / 10
Technical Writing
Strength: 8 / 10


Microsoft Excel Microsoft Powerpoint Microsoft Outlook Photoshop