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d-Studio LLC

Kyiv, Ukraine
3.1 Score: 3.1/10 Score
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Web & Programming
Design & Media
Business Services


We deliver complete iOS and OS X solutions from scratch by combining the efforts of design, development, QA and PM teams The company was founded in 2007 by a couple of Apple enthusiasts. At this point the company has about 30 employees all of whom share the v
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Helicon Focus for OS X

Helicon Focus for OS X

d-Studio LLC. Has ported Helicon Focus from Windows to Mac OS X platform for Helicon Soft, Ltd. Now, d-Studio LLC supports all updates, new feature implementation for Helicon Focus on OS X.

RecApp for iOS

RecApp for iOS

We at d-Studio believe that RecApp is the most advanced voice recorder app in the App Store. When we had started thinking about things that should have to differenciate our app from a million other voice recorders out on the App Store - we started to realize that we may have a few good ideas and this app could be kind of a big deal.

Baby Music Toy

Baby Music Toy

Baby music toy is a digital representation of a real life music toys designed for babies. The main aim of the app is to distract or amuse your baby when he or she is crying.


Web & Programming

total average: 9.636363636363637/10

AppleScript 10.0/10

C 10.0/10

C++ 10.0/10

Joomla 9.0/10

Mac OS X 10.0/10

MySQL 10.0/10

Objective-C 10.0/10

PHP 10.0/10

Python 8.0/10

Software Testing 10.0/10

Swift 9.0/10

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Design & Media

total average: 9.5/10

3d 10.0/10

Graphic Design 10.0/10

Logo Design 8.0/10

Webdesign 10.0/10

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Business Services

total average: 10.0/10

Project Management 10.0/10



3ds Max

After Effects

Cinema 4d

Creative Suite