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Bratislava, Slovakia
3.75 Score: 3.75/10 Score
5 Languages






Skills overview

Web & Programming
Sales and Marketing
Design & Media
Business Services


Danubesoft is the outcome of the technological fusion which led to creating a cross-functional team of highly skilled professionals with more than 10 years of experience in the software industry. We are based in Bratislava (Slovakia) and if you need a compl
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Sport Betting System

Sport Betting System

Modern and state-of-the-art Sport Betting Platform that provides players with the most advanced betting experience for web and mobile applications as well as full-featured back-office management tools. The platform integrates sport content from all over the world, and provides the highest quality service with innovative features and constant improvements for the always changing betting industry.

Play4win Casino - Technical Upgrade

Play4win Casino - Technical Upgrade

We implemented an full-size technical upgrade of an existing casino platform ( where we improved UX/UI, games integration and overall functionality. Also we maintained the platform for several years, as well as we integrated the upgraded platform with an existing legacy system.

All In One News

All In One News

A web application that automatically crawls and collects articles from web. It extracts data from multiple sources and builds searchable database of local and foreign news without the need of using RSS. Currently it covers over 4 million of news articles.


Web & Programming

total average: 9.289473684210526/10

AJAX 10.0/10

AngularJS 10.0/10

CakePHP 5.0/10

CodeIgniter 10.0/10

CSS 10.0/10

Data Integration 10.0/10

Data Modeling 10.0/10

Data Structures 10.0/10

Django 10.0/10

Drupal 10.0/10

EJB 10.0/10

HTML 10.0/10

HTML5 10.0/10

J2EE 10.0/10

Java 10.0/10

Javascript 10.0/10

JDBC 10.0/10

JQuery 10.0/10

JSP 8.0/10

LAMP 8.0/10

Linux 8.0/10

Magento 6.0/10

MySQL 10.0/10

node.js 6.0/10

PHP 10.0/10

PostgreSQL 10.0/10

PostgresSQL 10.0/10

Prestashop 10.0/10

Python 10.0/10

Rapid Prototyping 10.0/10

Reverse Engineering 8.0/10

SOAP 8.0/10

Software Testing 10.0/10

SQL 10.0/10

Struts 6.0/10

Wireframing 10.0/10

XHTML 10.0/10

XML 10.0/10

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Sales and Marketing

total average: 5.176470588235294/10

Advertising 4.0/10

Affiliate Marketing 4.0/10

Branding 10.0/10

Direct Marketing 3.0/10

Email Marketing 3.0/10

Event Planning 3.0/10

Google Analytics 8.0/10

Google Webmaster Central 8.0/10

Internet Marketing 8.0/10

Market Research 4.0/10

Marketing 4.0/10

Marketing Strategy 4.0/10

Public Relations 4.0/10

Sales 6.0/10

SEM 3.0/10

SEO 6.0/10

Social Media Marketing 6.0/10

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Design & Media

total average: 7.933333333333334/10

3d 6.0/10

Animation 6.0/10

Art Direction 7.0/10

Corporate Identity 10.0/10

Cover Design 10.0/10

Digital Photography 6.0/10

Graphic Design 10.0/10

Landscape Design 10.0/10

Letterhead Design 10.0/10

Logo Design 10.0/10

Photography 6.0/10

Video Production 7.0/10

Videography 7.0/10

Visual Effects 4.0/10

Webdesign 10.0/10

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Business Services

total average: 6.125/10

Business Consultancy 6.0/10

Business Development 6.0/10

Business Intelligence 6.0/10

Business Strategy 6.0/10

Email Handling 4.0/10

Innovation management 5.0/10

Project Management 10.0/10

Research / Market-Research 6.0/10

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Web Services