Amreli, India
5.2 Score: 5.21/10

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  • Web & Programming


Hello there, I'm a web developer with experience in TYPO3 development and PHP applications. I have developed many websites in TYPO3 using various extensions from TER, and also custom made extensions using Extbase & FLUID. I have 2+ years of experience in CorePHP, TYPO3 CMS, WordPress. Well-versed and experienced in many diverse technologies like PHP, Typo3 CMS, TYPO3 fluid/flux Ajax, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and responsive design. I have worked on many projects some of them were individual some were in team. TYPO3 Work Description: - 17+ Websites Template Integration. - 7+ TYPO3 Custom Extension Developed, (Blog Extension, Feedback Extension, Event Extension, Portfolio Extension, Image/Video Slider Extension and other extension as per client requirement many of them were in Multilanguage). - 15+ TYPO3 Extension customization. - 4+ Multi-Language Websites. I have build website in following technology: - Templavoila(Old Technique). - Fluid + Grid element. - Now a days flux with fluid technique. I have knowledge of custom extension development: - Pibase (old technique). - Extbase (MVC and latest technology). TYPO 3 Service Description: - Expertise in TYPO3 Open Sources CMS. - Surety to do work in latest fluid / flux technologies in templating of TYPO3. - Expertise in extbase extension in creation TYPO3 CMS. - Payment Gateway / Facebook / Google / Twitter / API integration. I have knowledge of upgrading TYPO3 versions: - Typo3 4.x to Typo3 6.x. - Typo3 6.x to Typo3 7.x.

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The Bridge

Client want to make web application his construction firm. developed custom extension for video and Image showcase. Developed project in Fluid and VHS technology


Online information store for vegetable seller, client wants to show his products. Developed Product extension for for client in project.


My client want to make application for his showroom of Cars. Web application for his showroom showing information regarding cars.

Web & Programming

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