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DevCom Consulting LLC

Lviv, Ukraine
3.81 Score: 3.81/10 Score
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Skills overview

Web & Programming


12 years on Elance, DevCom provides complex software engineering solutions for clients worldwide. At DevCom, we understand the value of technology is in the benefits it yields to our clients. We select from the best state-of-the-art technologies to engineer so
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Multi-Component ERP

Multi-Component ERP

Multi-component ERP system for non-profit organizations. Solution allows automation of the entire business cycle of typical non-profit organization - starting with donor management, up to online transactions. System has thousands of users. System is divided into logical components, each of them is a right tool for the right user.

System for Evaluating Home Energy

System for Evaluating Home Energy

It is a system for evaluating the home energy – efficiency (new houses) and temporary guarantee creation. System is divided into two components: Public Site (built on Struts technology, using Flash, Google API for a statistic saving ) and Project Manager (built on Struts technology, using Flex). There are customers, who buy houses, a main company and the contractors (builders) who perform work.

Producing Custom Shirts Web-Site

Producing Custom Shirts Web-Site

Features: - Customers management - Measurement and style profiles management - Vendor orders management - Tailor orders management - Shirt alteration process management - Shirt remake process management - Orders verification - Email notification


Web & Programming

total average: 1.0/10

.NET 1.0/10

Actionscript 1.0/10

AJAX 1.0/10

ASP 1.0/10

ASP.NET 1.0/10

C 1.0/10

C# 1.0/10

C++ 1.0/10

CakePHP 1.0/10

CRM 1.0/10

CSS 1.0/10

Data Mining 1.0/10

ERP 1.0/10

Flex 1.0/10

Google Android 1.0/10

HTML5 1.0/10

J2EE 1.0/10

J2ME 1.0/10

Java 1.0/10

JQuery 1.0/10

LAMP 1.0/10

node.js 1.0/10

Objective-C 1.0/10

PHP 1.0/10

SOAP 1.0/10

SQL 1.0/10

VBA 1.0/10

Windows Mobile 1.0/10

Zend 1.0/10

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Mobile Apps



Microsoft Sharepoint

Microsoft Visual Studio

SQL Server

Sugar CRM