DialTech Philippines

Iloilo, Philippines
2.3 Score: 2.29/10


We are call center based in the Philippines and we do services with US, UK, Asia Pacific and Europe companies who is looking to outsource their ​sales and marketing needs. We let our clients hire agents from us for only $​3-$4​/hour per​ agent​ or even lower​ ​ and clients will be given an Account Manager that will ensure the success of the campaign and comply with certain KPI's set by you, at the same time you will have your own Quality Assurance Specialist that will ensure the quality of the service our agent provide to your prospects or customers. We will as well provide you access to our own pipeline which you will have a capacity to listen to the live calls of your agents from your end and monitor their time work to make sure that you are paying the hours suppose you will pay. We are very transparent when it comes to work and we pride ourselves being in the industry for almost 7 years. Our call center operates 24x7 even holidays so we are very confident that whenever you have customers need assistance will be able to cater it. ​We usually requires ​3​ agents as a minimum hire to our company to start​ or depending on the negotiation​.

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