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Diego Castorina

Prague, Czech Republic
2.86 Score: 2.86/10 Score
2 Languages



30.0000 € / hr My hourly rate

Skills overview

Web & Programming


Originally from Italy, Diego spent several years working in The Netherlands before moving to Prague, in the Czech Republic. There he has been working as a senior freelance engineer in addition to working on his own company: a web-based CRM for small businesses
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CTO and Co-founder

Built a web-based CRM for small and medium businesses. Conducted business analysis: studied how CRM's enhance the sales process and how they are used. Fully implemented the front-end using AngularJS, Twitter Bootstrap, and Yeoman. Fully implemented the back-end using the Play Framework for Scala and persisting data on MongoDB.

Software Engineer

Took full charge of the project's life-cycle by directly discussing requirements and scope with the client. Maintained legacy systems implemented using various technologies varying from Bash scripting to database stored-procedures, Perl scripts, and J2EE applications. Worked on real-time, multithreaded, distributed systems running in Amsterdam, New York, and Singapore.

Software Engineer

Worked on the Presence Service Enabler based on SIMPLE (SIP for Instant Messaging and Presence Leverage Extensions). Implemented standards defined in RFC by the Internet Engineering Task Force, the same that defines TCP/IP, UDP, SNMP and many others. Introduced the usage of the Spring Framework within the project and mentored the rest of the team about how to use it.


Web & Programming

total average: 8.266666666666667/10

AJAX 10.0/10

CSS 7.0/10

EJB 8.0/10

HTML5 8.0/10

J2EE 9.0/10

Java 10.0/10

Javascript 10.0/10

JQuery 9.0/10

JSP 7.0/10

Linux 8.0/10

MySQL 8.0/10

Ruby 7.0/10

Ruby on Rails 7.0/10

SQL 8.0/10

Unix 8.0/10

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