Novi Sad, Serbia
3.5 Score: 3.54/10
4 Languages





Skill Summary

  • Web & Programming
  • Design & Media


- - - I am a digital producer/designer/manager & web developer with 19+ years experience (working in United States), backed up by an exceptional team of hand-picked senior programmers working with me for years. I also manage a print advertising agency. We have 4 art directors, 2 designers, 5 translators in my team. We can handle quite large publishing loads due to our long industry experience. By hiring our publishing team you get a complete publishing studio at a very reasonable rate. We also have external video editing/compositing professionals, all seasoned as daily staff at private video production studios and national tv. Our offering is well rounded and covers most aspects of digital media production. I am looking forward to working with you right away, or the near future... RAD PS: We are primarily English language speakers, but we also speak 'Google German', 'Google Italian', not to mention Google French :oD - - - Service description: 1. CMS websites (WordPress,Joomla, Magento) & web application development (Flex,Flash, Java), SEO, SEM, & maintenance 2. E-stores development: Magento, BigCommerce, osCommerce, 1shoppingCart, etc. 3. Interface design for websites & web/mobile/custom apps. 4. Magazine design & pre-press production. 5. 3D modeling & award-winning video editing 6. Product packaging design 7. UX/UI/GUI conceptual design, Interactive-TV (I-TV) design/prototyping & conceptual modeling ("Stargazer," ITV, USA). 8. Football/Soccer game video analysis systems with motion recognition and scoring, for soccer coaches and game strategy team planning (NFL, USA).

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Motorcycle Racing Magazine , 2014

Redesigned & developed a complete new site. Currently adding online shop to it, and designing the accompanying print magazine. After redesign and promo campaign, site visitations increased from 80+/day to 17,200+day at peak racing days!

Alpine Frame & Mirror , 2014

My studio has redesigned and built this website in conjunction with their print catalog, also completely redesigned and rebranded by our studio.

Cober Custom , 2014

Designed and developed in our new GreenPixelDesignStudio, former DigitalArtsRS. Art Director: S. Simin

Web & Programming

Strength: 10 / 10
Strength: 10 / 10
Strength: 10 / 10
Strength: 10 / 10
Strength: 10 / 10
Strength: 8 / 10
Strength: 10 / 10
Strength: 10 / 10
Strength: 10 / 10

Design & Media

Art Direction
Strength: 10 / 10
Audio Editing
Strength: 9 / 10
Cover Design
Strength: 10 / 10
Digital Photography
Strength: 10 / 10
Graphic Design
Strength: 10 / 10
Letterhead Design
Strength: 10 / 10
Logo Design
Strength: 9 / 10
Web Design
Strength: 10 / 10


Art E-commerce Entertainment Fashion Mobile Apps Tourism


After Effects Creative Suite Dreamweaver Illustrator InDesign Photoshop Premiere Video Editing